The Hunt: Chapter Eight-Madame Catarina with Two Slaves

HTF_Hunt08 (1)

This movie is so good!!!!

And now available on C4S

In Chapter Eight  Madame Catarina has attaches leather cuffs to her new victim’s ankles and these are attached to the tow bar and he is partially suspended upside down as Madame Catarina tramples his cock under her heels. The slave is hoisted up into the air and Madame Catarina has some fun torturing his cock and using her riding crop on him. It is then time for the bullwhip once more and when satisfied that her victim is well and truly whipped he is lowered to the ground and the riding crop used again as she tortures his cock and forces his face beneath her boots. Madame Catarina releases her butler from his chastity device and announces that her new victim can win his freedom if he can beat the butler in a wanking competition………

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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