Chapters Three, Four and Five of The Boot Slave Train


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In Chapter Three Madame Catarina and Fetish Liza really begin to enjoy themselves with their ‘Boot Slave Train’ as they tug harshly at the slave’s nipple clamps and force them to lick their Mistresses ’boots whilst all the time the slave’s tightly bound balls are being stretched and strained as they pull against each other. Madame Catarina’s saloon soon echoes with the slave’s moans of agony and desperation and the cruel laughter of the Mistresses. The Ladies tease their slave’s mercilessly forcing them to strain harder to lick their entire boots until for one slave the strain is too much and he collapses in agony much too both Ladies delight. The slaves are soon placed on their backs and the nipple clamps removed as the Ladies enjoy torturing their nipples with their sharp nails and heels. Madame Catarina decides to tie a rope around each slave’s cock allowing both Ladies to pull their slave’s cock in the opposite direction to that their balls are being pulled in. As the slaves cry out in agony the Ladies laugh and dig their heels into the slave’s tortured nipples….


In Chapter Four Madame Catarina and Fetish Liza continue to enjoy themselves with their ‘Boot Slave Train’ torturing the slaves nipples with the heels of their boots until Madame Catarina decides to turn her attention to her slaves cock and balls. Sitting on his face to muffle is screams of agony she cruelly digs her sharp nails cruelly into his cock and balls whilst Fetish Liza continues to torture her slave’s nipples with her nails and under the heel of her boots. The Ladies stop for a cigarette with their helpless slaves lying at their feet and when we return Madame Catarina has converted her slave into a human cushion whilst fetish Liza’s slave has had his cock pulled through Madame Catarina’s famous cock board. Fetish Liza takes great delight in trampling her slave’s cock beneath the soles and heels of her boots and then Madame Catarina decides to join in the fun by torturing his nipples with her heels. Both ladies then allow their respective slaves to suck their heels as they discuss new ways to use them. Both Ladies then turn their attention to Fetish Liza’s slave and his cock and nipples are tortured beneath their boots and the cruel Ladies laugh at his screams of pain….


The finale is in Chapter Five and what a finale : With their attention now turned to the slave lying helpless on the floor Madame Catarina and Fetish Liza trample his helpless co much to the amusement of Madame Catarina and Fetish Liza who eventually allow him to use a more conventional method to finish his job. With both slaves now completely spent the Ladies have no more use for their playthings so set off to find amusement elsewhere.

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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