Madame Catarina’s Chastity Training

On Friday last, Madame Catarina decided to start my chastity training again.

When I am serving my Mistress and owner Madame Catarina in person as her slave and butler I am locked into a chastity device. There are occassions when Madame Catarina requires access to my cock and balls such as when she wishes to test out a new toy or devise a new means of torture but mostly I am locked tightly away.

Sadly I sometimes have to leave my Mistresses service and deal with business matters in the UK and this has been the case over the last few weeks.

And on Friday Madame Catarina instructed me to place myself into my device.

I did so gratefully. It was a wonderful feeling to feel the comforting restriction of the device embrace and engulf my cock and to feel my Mistress and owners power and control flood into me again.

Being locked into chastity by Madame Catarina is a great honour, it is where I belong and I now feel somehow naked when not wearing the device. It is somehow reassuring to feel the tight plastic sheath around my cock and the tightness of the ring around my balls. It also acts as a symbol of Madame Catarina’s ownership and control of me… especially when I am not serving her in person.

So it was with great joy that I placed my cock into its new home and delivered myself into chastity for Madame Catarina, I took a photo with my cock and balls suspended over my I pad to verify the date and time and sent it to Madame Catarina.

Notice I say suspended over the I pad…I found out a long time ago that resting your ball on the actual I pad has a tendency to open and close files as well as making the screen a bit yucky.


Madame Catarina acknowledged receipt of the photo and my chastity training had begun

I slept fitfully that night my dreams haunted by images of my Mistress and owner…one aspect of the dream has stayed with me…it is a recurring image and theme which has become part of my dream playlist since first seeing Madame Catarina’s image many moons ago.

There is a deserted church…somewhere …anywhere but surrounded in mist….the usual gothic clique …but inside the congregation are not the usual crowd you would get on a Sunday morning in St Mary Mead. The church is packed full of hooded slaves, all fitted with nipple clamps, no body hair and all wearing chastity devices. They are all standing but when the bell rings, they all kneel and Madame Catarina enters and walks to the altar and the slaves yearning and longing is palpable She surveys the congregation contemptuously and in the dream you can feel every slave willing it to be them she chooses …Madame Catarina makes her choice…sometimes it is me and other times not…sometimes there are more than one …and the ritual changes from dream to dream and there is usually some deviant appropriation of the Catholic mass with slaves trooping up to drink Madame Catarina’s golden champagne from a chalice or kneeling with grateful mouths wide open to receive her spit and some mass wanking ritual with slaves licking their own cum from the floor as Madame Catarina exits

Alas it is only a dream…and some may think a very strange dream, but it has been with me for years.

This time the dream felt different. The ritual featured some very heavy caning and whipping, but also some very heavy CBT…and it felt so real…I really felt as if it was happening to me and I was desperate for Madame Catarina to torture my cock and balls and flood my body with excruciating pain…

And then I woke up but the pain continued

And sadly it was not Madame Catarina torturing my cock and balls

I am not sure how it happened but somehow my cock had got twisted within the device…immediate action was required so I immediately tried to concentrate on something that to ‘reduce the swelling’ not easy to do when a few moments earlier my brain had been under the impression I was being ritually humiliated and tortured by my Goddess in an old church packed with her devotees. Eventually I managed to get my cock under control and with the aid of a quick swill in some cold soapy water all was well and my cock and the device seemed none the worse for wear.

I tried to return to bed and get some sleep but it was a useless endeavour…the images and sensations of the dream would not leave me and as my cock reacted once more to these I felt the reassuring restriction of the device restrain it. Reminding me that I was totally owned and totally controlled by Madame Catarina….

To be continued…..

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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