Deeper into Chastity for Madame Catarina

The second day in chastity began as every other day has begun since becoming Madame Catarina’s property. At the start of every day at the appointed hour I pledge myself to Madame Catarina’s service.

This is the same wherever I am …when serving at Madame Catarina’s saloon or across the sea.

At the saloon I am often told to present myself kneeling and await my Mistresses instructions or sometimes simply given a list of the tasks she wishes me to carry out. When I am away it is the same process although the type of task set tends to be different.

I sent my message as usual and Madame Catarina replied not with a list of my duties but with a beautiful photograph of the boots she was wearing and a message saying that she had a slave bound and locked in the dungeon overnight and that she was just about to have some fun with him.

Given the tone of the message I knew that Madame Catarina knew the exact effect the photo and message would have and that it amused her. I spent the rest of the morning trying to concentrate on my work and avoiding looking at the photo…for the most part unsuccessfully.

By lunchtime I was almost crazy…the images in my head causing my cock to swell and the feeling of constriction as it rubbed against the device only excited me further. I could feel Madame Catarina’s power and control over me and knew that I was completely and totally hers to do with as she wished.

I know from previous experience that the first few days of chastity training are akin to madness and that soon it passes as the urges subside and the feelings of powerlessness and total submission become the norm.

The day wore on in much the same vein …a constant struggle between getting on with the work I had to do and thoughts of my Mistress and owner. I could not help think of my first visit to Madame Catarina. Arriving at her saloon I thought myself a slave, how wrong I was. In those days I had a list of preferences and taboos, but no more. My training with Madame Catarina and my journey into her slavery and ownership have taught me that total submission meant exactly that and that being locked into chastity was a symbol of this.

unnamed (1)

In due course the evidence of my chastity was posted and as I lay down to sleep having pledged my devotion to my Mistress and owner, images and memories of Madame Catarina engulfed me once more and as my cock throbbed I could feel it chafing on the walls of the device. The constriction and mild pain this caused served to stimulate my already over active imagination still more. I felt a deep joy mixed with a deep yearning to suffer at the hands of Madame Catarina and longed for pain hat only she can inflict. It was with the sound of my Mistresses cruel laughter in my head that I eventually fell asleep but only to dream the most lurid and fantastical of dreams.

To be continued

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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