Deeper Still into Chastity for Madame Catarina

My sleep was once more fitful and my dreams vivid and rich with ritual humiliation and torture at the hands of Madame Catarina. When I awoke the images and feelings of the dreams stayed with me and I carried them with me throughout the day. The confinement of my cock was a constant reminder of Madame Catarina’s ownership …a thought that kept me in a state of almost constant arousal. I learnt very early on in my journey into Madame Catarina’s slavery that total submission to her in all things was what I truly desired. To give her total control and domination of my whole being…and of course Madame Catarina expected no less.

This simple fact formed a vicious but beautiful circle   the constraints the device placed on my cock was a stark reminder of Madame Catarina’s total ownership and control of me…which aroused me…which in turn placed further constraints on my cock  which reiterated my Mistresses total power over me …which aroused me still further …a vicious but beautiful circle.

unnamed (2)

By the evening my cock was sore and throbbing and my head filled with extreme images and fantasies. My whole body and mind yearned to feel Madame Catarina’s domination over me. My mind raced and my pulse quickened as I envisaged myself bound and helpless locked in the darkness of Madame Catarina’s cage and dragged out only on occasion to be used by my Mistress for her sadistic pleasure. Extreme bullwhipping, bloody canings, brutal CBT, branding and trampling all featured as well as gross humiliation as Madame Catarina utilised all the toys at her disposal to leave me bruised and broken in the darkness of her cage until the next instalment…I imagined myself kneeling before her licking my blood from her cane after a brutal caning or being forced to lick up my own cum from a doggy bowl of my owners warm champagne…I imagined myself as nothing but her grovelling slave desperate to please and desperate to undergo any and every torment she could devise just to be allowed to worship and serve her.

A very intense dream

And then the penny dropped (or should that be the cent?). I was already this grovelling slave desperate to please and desperate to undergo any and every torment my Mistress and owner could devise just to be allowed to worship and serve her. I may have not undergone all of the deliciously sadistic games and rituals I had imagined (yet) but I was very much her property and slave and it was her ownership of me that was the most important thing and not my bizarre BDSM fantasies…

These thoughts gave me some relief and after following my nightly ritual of posting my chastity photo and pledging my allegiance to my Mistress and owner I took myself wearily to bed where my dreams were once again haunted by the beauty and cruelty of my Goddess.

To be continued

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