Further Adventures in Chastity

The old church featured in my dreams again. Only this time I was led before the slave congregation crawling on all fours with collar and lead attached with other Mistresses in attendance. I was then strapped to a frame on the altar and subjected to an all over body branding. The idea of the repeated searing pain as the branding iron burnt into my bare flesh excited, terrified and aroused me in equal measures.

I am not quite sure if it should be called a dream, perhaps a beautiful sadomasochistic nightmare would be more appropriate.

How much this dream was to do with my chastity, lack of sleep or maybe something I ate I have no idea but the intensity and the feelings it aroused were very real and would haunt me throughout the day.

The day passed like those previously however I could feel myself adapting to the device and although always there as a reminder of my status as Madame Catarina’s property I began to find it easier to get on with the mundane tasks I had to complete. I began to feel comfortable in the device and began to regard it as part of myself. My cock, like the rest of me was owned by Madame Catarina and it was hers to do with as she pleased. I remembered how Madame Catarina had told me once when I was hanging in her suspension room in a straitjacket with nipple clamps attached and weights dangling from my balls, that she owned my cock and that she owned me. This was very simply the truth.


I began to see the device now more as a tool of liberation. I was locked into chastity at my owners command and there was nothing I could do about it even if I wanted to. So why not let the device take the strain and enjoy the experience. I knew it pleased Madame Catarina to keep my cock locked tightly away and I exist only to please her, so why not take pleasure in serving her this way. With the device fitted I did not need to monitor my urges or impose self-discipline as that was what the device was for.

It was a couple of hours after finding this new found freedom that disaster struck. I was working away on something innocuous like a spreadsheet when my dream from the previous night returned stirring intense feelings of fear, excitement and arousal. My cock immediately grew hard as I thought of my beautiful nightmare and the branding. My cock forced itself against walls of my plastic sheath with considerable force.

And then I felt something give. I got up very slowly and retired to the bathroom and inspected my device. It had split down the middle catching my foreskin in its grip hence my slowness of movement. I carefully pulled my foreskin clear leaving the remnants of the device attached and immediately informed Madame Catarina of what had happened and then moving very slowly I provided the photographic evidence.

unnamed (4)

Luckily for me Madame Catarina responded quickly. The incident obviously amused her as a similar incident had done previously. This is not the first time this has happened. Once before whilst I was serving Madame Catarina in Berlin I was tied tightly in my leather sack in the dungeon with my cock poking out and tightly secured in its device and when I woke in the morning the device was split in two…much to Madame Catarina’s amusement. Obviously Madame Catarina has a host of chastity devices in her dungeon so it was only a moment’s work to replace it.

unnamed (6)

Luckily I have one spare, so I asked Madame Catarina if I could quickly replace it. Madame Catarina agreed to my request but stipulated it had to be a quick change over. So very quickly I located the spare sheath, removed the broken one, inspected my cock for any damage from the accident, a quick wash and within moments I was safely locked into chastity again.

unnamed (8)

The obvious question was how long would the replacement last. It was obvious I needed something more substantial so with Madame Catarina’s permission I ordered a steel device of the internet. The question was would the replacement hold out until it arrived.

I must admit to not being overly impressed with the plastic models I have used. Firstly the numbers on the key holder tags smudge so it is impossible to read the numbers and secondly I keep splitting them. Hopefully the steel device will fare better.

Once safely secured in the replacement device I began to reflect on the sensation of having my cock dangle free, if only for a few moments. It may sound strange but it felt somehow unnatural. My cock like the rest of me is the property of Madame Catarina and is solely for her use. It is only natural that it be locked away and released only for her amusement.

I must admit to not having 100% confidence in the replacement sheath as it was a similar design to the one I had just split but it was comforting to be wearing it. I was already impatient to receive my new steel device and become more securely locked into chastity, but I knew I had to wait a couple of days so it was just a case of exercising self-control and hoping the sheath could withstand the pressure.

That night with the chastity photo sent and my allegiance pledged I lay down to sleep and as I gazed down at my cock in its plastic cage I thought of my owner and Goddess Madame Catarina and my enslavement…and all was right with the world.

To be continued

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