Enslaved to Madame Catarina in Chastity

I awoke the next morning at fever pitch. The dreams had been if anything more vivid and fantastical than before .I pledged my service to Madame Catarina and she replied that she would be sending me a little present.

I thanked her dutifully and the rest of the morning wondered what the gift could be…I knew it would not be a box of chocolates or anything of that ilk…firstly because that is not the sort of gift a Mistress gives to a slave and secondly I am on a strict diet to lose weight for my Mistress.

In due course the gift arrived in my inbox. It was a sneak preview copy of Madame Catarina’s new movie. Bootlicker as a Camera Man: Head Cam Version The movie is available on C4S and if you have not bought it already I suggest you do so now. I had strict instructions to sit down that evening at six O’clock exactly and watch the movie.


In the movie Madame Catarina has strapped a camera to the head of her Bootlicker slave and the first movie is shot completely from Bootlickers viewpoint…it is incredible. The second movie in the series is the same session shot in the usual way so you get not only the slave’s experience in the first movie but also an overview of the whole session in the second.

I sat down to watch the movie with some trepidation. I had spent almost a week locked in chastity and away from my owner and Mistress. My imagination had been overworking and I felt her ownership at the core of my being. How would I react to the movie and more importantly how would my cock react in its steel prison?

I sat down at the appointed hour with my laptop and clicked on the link.

The movie begins with a slave’s eye view of Madame Catarina’s saloon…a view I recognise well and so did the cock in a box.  With the sound of Madame Catarina’s heels on the floor and the sight of her in thigh high boots and leather my cock was straining at its confinement. Madame Catarina viewed from the saloon floor is a sight to behold and when she spoke and laughed her cruel laugh my whole body went into spasms. I tried desperately to get myself under some sort of control. What followed was possibly the most intense erotic experience I have encountered when not actually with Madame Catarina or in her saloon.

I could feel the smoke as she blew it into my face and I gratefully breathed it in, I could taste the ash of her cigarette as I swallowed it deep down inside me, all the time feeling the intense sensation of utter helplessness. I half remembered, half imagined the intense pleasure of tasting the mixture of her saliva and wine deep down and feeling completely helpless. The total dominance and beauty of Madame Catarina, her eyes, her smile and her cruel laughter where almost too much for my trapped cock as it tried desperately to break free of the device. I could feel her boots digging into my cock and taste the leather soles of her boots and I longed to taste the leather of her heels as I greedily sucked them and feel her leather gloved hands on my nipples…

And then it was over…the movie ended

As you can probably guess it comes highly recommended.

Throughout the duration of the entire movie my cock struggled and strained within its tight metal sheath. I felt as if I had orgasmed several times but felt aroused and even more under Madame Catarina’s control. As I sat exhausted in the chair a message from my owner and Mistress came through. It was just a smiley face

I thanked my Mistress profusely and knew that I was more deeply enslaved than I had been only ten minutes previously…

To be continued

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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