Bootlicker as Cameraman-a Collection of Four Must See Movies

Now is a wonderful opportunity to get as close to experiencing a session with Madame Catarina as is possible without actually lying helplessly beneath her thigh length leather boots.

Madame Catarina has released a set of four innovative movies to give her followers, fans and slaves a very special experience. These are available on C4S

She has strapped a camera to her slave’s head

Two of the movies are shot entirely from the slave’s perspective…you see what he sees and hear what he hears..

The other two movies are shot in the normal way…so you get to see the session as an onlooker

This is a really amazing set of movies



Bootlicker as Camera Man

Story: Have you ever wondered what it is like to serve at the feet of a true goddess? What is a slave’s eye view? What does the slave experience? This is not the usual PoV movie. Madame Catarina has strapped a camera to the head of her slave Bootlicker giving a unique view of what it is truly like to serve her.

Head Cam version: Chapter One


Madame Catarina is dressed in stunning leather and thigh length boots and has ordered you to entertain her this afternoon as she enjoys a cigarette and a glass of sparkling white wine. You lie helpless at her feet and she decides to fit you with a funnel and uses you as an ashtray Can you taste the ash as you swallow it, can you taste the mixture of her spit and saliva as she spits into your mouth. Can you feel the delicious pain as she crushes your cock beneath her heels and what do you feel when you gaze into her eyes as she begins to torture your nipples….


Bootlicker as Camera Man

Head Cam version: Chapter TWO

You gaze into Madame Catarina’s beautiful cruel eyes as she tortures your nipples with her gloved fingers…can you feel the pain run through your body. Can you taste the leather and steel of her thigh boots as she orders you to lick them or feel the weight of her body on your chest as she inflicts more glorious pain on your nipples. Can you feel her high heels dig into your naked flesh as she tramples you beneath her boots and feel her gloved hand upon your cock. So much pain, but so much pleasure. You are forced to swallow her spit and you take it down greedily before her cruel nails dig deep into your cock. You are a shivering heap of pain and ecstatic pleasure as you feel her heels bite on your cock. Can you feel the soles of her boots press hard and harder on your cock as you explode in the most wonderful orgasm of your life. And having had her fun Madame Catarina discards you.

Bootlicker as Camera Man

Standard Cam Version: Chapter One



Madame Catarina dressed in stunning leather and thigh length boots enjoys a cigarette and a glass of sparkling white wine. With the helpless Bootlicker lying at her feet she decides to fit him with a funnel and uses him as an ashtray and spittoon as she crushes his cock beneath her heels and begins to torture his nipples…


Bootlicker as Camera Man-Standard Cam version: Chapter TWO

Madame Catarina cruelly plays with Bootlickers nipples before forcing him to lick her boots. She decides to amuse herself by trampling him beneath her high heels before forcing him to swallow her spit. Turning her attention to his cock, Madame Catarina firstly takes it in her gloved hands and then with her cruel nails and the heel of her boot. Bootlicker is then forced to cum beneath his Mistresses boots.

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Madame Catarina’s movies are available to download at C4S


And at Dominity



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Hidden Torture Farm


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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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1 Response to Bootlicker as Cameraman-a Collection of Four Must See Movies

  1. Leather Lady says:

    Madame Catarina, you have chosen a divine leather outfit in which to torment your slave! I look forward to my slaves purchasing me some long leather gloves like yours, and I certainly intend to employ your cock trampling technique as their reward! You look amazing leather! xxx.

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