Caning Till Milking Is Not Possible-Entire Movie



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Madame Catarina has received a new slave for correctional treatment. His behaviour leaves a lot to be desired and his horniness needs to be stopped. The cure for this is for him to be caned, milked and then caned again. Madame Catarina administers a brutal and bloody caning to beat the horniness out of him. When satisfied the caning has had the desired the effect she tests her handiwork by milking the slave. The treatment has had the desired effect and the slave is unable to cum, but Madame Catarina needs to make sure the punishment has a lasting effect and resumes the beating until the slave’s ass is reduced to a slab of bloodied raw meat.

Movie Description

Resplendent in military uniform Madame Catarina leads her victim into her saloon where he is restrained on the whipping bench. Madame Catarina soon gets to work with her riding crop, flogger and strap warming his butt for the caning to come. It is not long before the cane is being wielded with precision and very soon the slave’s butt is a mass of cuts and bruises. The caning continues unabated until Madame Catarina decides it is time to test if the slave’s horniness has been beaten out of him. Madame Catarina begins to milk the pathetic slave cock and uses a vibrating cock ring but to avail as she has already beaten the horniness out of him. But his ordeal is not over as he is strapped to the whipping bench once more and subjected to a such a severe caning that Madame Catarina breaks several of her thickest and hardest canes. When his butt resembles a slab of raw meat on a butchers block he is released and forced to wank but he cannot cum as all his horniness has been well and truly beaten out of him

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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