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Madame Catarina had instructed me to present myself kneeling naked in the centre of the saloon at 6.00am the following morning which I did so willingly. As I knelt there waiting for instruction I could not help but gaze at myself in the mirror …kneeling naked but for my collar, tags of ownership and of course my chastity device with its combination of flesh and metal looking like something from a Giger painting.

As I gazed about the saloon, taking in the selection of whips and canes, the whipping bech and other familiar features I felt a strange peacefulness settle over me. This is where I most wanted to be in the entire world and looking at my reflection in the mirror I knew this is what I most wanted to be, everything else was merely playacting or at best a means to achieve my status as Madame Catrina’s slave and property.

I heard the door opening  and Madame Catarina entered the saloon like a force of nature and bearing with her the remains of a cold Siberian wind which must have been blowing in the outside world. Madame Catarina laughed as I shuddered from the sudden change in temperature and wondered if it was from fear or the cold. I replied that it was a little of both which amused her. Having checked my chastity device was still intact with the heel of her boot she instructed me to get dressed quickly as there was work to be done. I did so immediately and returned to saloon fully clothed in a matter of minutes. Madame Catarina handed me a schedule for the next few weeks and explained my duties. I took a few notes and respectfully asked a fe questions for clarification and then was set about my tasks.

Madame Catarina had a private ‘Red Ass’ party the following day with her good friend Lady Stella. There was to be a number of guests attending at the Avalon Residence and Madame Catarina wished me to attempt a selection of whips and canes that I thought appropriate, clean the equipment and of course whatever outfits she decided to wear. Once this was done Madame Catarina would inspect my selection and my work and then I could pack all…but there was one caveat …any whip or cane wrongly selected would be used on me.

I knew from the photographs that those attending a Red Ass event liked to be caned and whipped hard. I knew that choosing only the lighter whips and canes would not be a good idea so I made a careful selection and laid them out on the saloon floor for inspection and then got on with my duties of cleaning Madame Catarina’s leather outfits and boots.

When all was done I informed my Mistress and owner that all was ready for inspection and busied myself with cleaning tasks around the saloon and dungeon. Before long I was summoned into the saloon by the bell and and it was with some trepidation that I answered the summons. Madame Catarina announced that she was pleased with my selection with the exception of two items which she had placed on the whipping bench. There was one cane and a bullwhip…

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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