My Training Intensifies



I slept soundly that night both happy and exhausted. I was granted a lie in until 7.30am the following morning as Madame Catarina did not require my services. So it was an hour later than usual that I presented myself in the usual manner. My Mistress and owner messaged me with a list of duties and tasks I must carry out in the dungeon and saloon before midday when she would inspect my work and allow me to fetch her things from the weekend events from her car and clean and tidy them.

I set about my tasks enthusiastically. Washing, scrubbing and cleaning, hoovering and so on. I knew from the schedule my owner had given me on arrival that things were going to be very hectic over the next few weeks so it was important to make the best use of my time to give maximum satisfaction to my Mistress and owner.

At Midday Madame Catarina arrived and despatched me to collect the canes, whips and other assorted goodies from the trunk of her car whilst she inspected my work. I did so diligently but was slightly worried that Madame Catarina would find fault with my work or that I had forgotten or overlooked something. It would not be the first time and I knew from experience my Mistress and owner would punish any mistakes severely. So it was with some trepidation that I returned to the saloon with the cases and bags.

To my consternation I returned to be greeted by a very angry looking Madame Catarina. I think my distress must have been evident as very quickly my Mistress broke into a smile and then laughter much to my relief. She told me my work was all satisfactory. Relieved I placed the bags and cases in their allotted places and asked Madame Catarina if there was any other service I could provide once the weekend items had been cleaned and returned to their places within the dungeon. My Mistress thought for a while before telling me she would like me to cook and serve a curry for her dinner. My heart almost leapt with joy at the prospect but tinged with anxiety as Madame Catarina is very particular about her meals.

I busied myself with cleaning and tidying away the items used over the weekend before preparing my Mistresses’ meal. Madame Catarina had stipulated the time she wished to eat so it was a tight deadline to prepare a meal fit for my Goddess in the time allotted; however with a mixture of good luck and perseverance I was able to serve dinner and the appropriate wine to my Mistress and owner on time. I knelt with head bowed and waited nervously for the verdict on the dish.

Madame Catarina pronounced the meal excellent and invited me to fill my dog bowl and dine at her booted feet. On this occasion I was not provided with a spoon so began to eat from the bowl like a dog on all fours much to Madame Catarina’s delight. I was stopped briefly and commanded to hold up the bowl for Madame Catarina to spit then placing the bowl back on the floor I continued to eat like a dog…the meal much improved with the additional seasoning…..

I greedily ate my delicious meal eager to taste my Mistresses spit and swallow it deep down, it seems Madame Catarina was eager for me to do this as well as she placed sole of her boot onto the back of my head forcing my face into the bowl as she urged me to eat it all up which I did. When satisfied I had eaten my dinner Madame Catarina removed the sole of her boot from my head and allowed me to kneel. I must have looked a ridiculous sight as I knelt there with my face covered in spit and curry…as testified by my owners amused laughter.

Madame Catarina then placed the heel of her boot and then the sole into the last remnants of sauce left in the dog bowl and ordered me to lick the sauce from her boots. I did so joyfully and greedily savouring every moment. The tight constriction of my device focussing my mind as I licked and sucked for all I was worth. When satisfied her boots where clean Madame Catarina lit a cigarette and signalled I was to take up my position as a human ashtray.

Over my training this has become an established procedure. Sometimes Madame Catarina merely wishes me to light her cigarette and simply retire respectfully, at others she wishes be to simply kneel beside her holding the ashtray and on other occasions such as this one she wishes to use me as a human ashtray.

I knelt respectfully beside my Mistress in silence as she smoked her cigarette and I gratefully swallowed each dab of ash and inhaled deeply the smoke produced by my Mistress. When the cigarette was over Madame Catarina spat once again into my mouth before extinguishing the cigarette and commanding me to swallow the butt. I did so gratefully.

I was then told to stand and present my caged cock for inspection. I stood slowly and unbuttoned my trousers to present my caged cock having no idea what to expect …I had no idea what sort of havoc recent events would have had on either the device or my cock. Needless to say it was an engorged cock that jerked and twitched as it strained at its metal cage that was revealed.

Madame Catarina inspected the lock and the fitting to make sure all was well which only served to increase the twitching and jerking as the cock redoubled its efforts to break loose of its cage much to Madame Catarina’s amusement. I was then ordered to kneel before my Mistress and assist with removing her boots which of course caused my caged cock to virtually go into spasms. Once the boots were removed Madame Catarina left the saloon instructing me as she left to go and wash my face and then clean up the kitchen and polish her boots before morning…………

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