Learning a Lesson


I had difficulties sleeping that night. Surrounded as I was with my owner’s instruments of torture I could not help imagine her using each and every one of them on me…and quite perversely I imagined this happening whilst still locked in chastity. But such thoughts come at a price and the was virtually no sleep. I presented myself the next morning as usual but the lack of sleep had taken its toll and I felt exhausted…a condition that might have cost me dearly.

Throughout the day I had difficulty concentrating on my tasks and I could recognize a slip in the standard of my work and behaviour. I made several silly mistakes such as accidently walking in front of Madame Catarina whilst out shopping and forgetting the most simple of instructions. I could see that my owner was not pleased with my behaviour and it seemed the harder I tried the more mistakes I made. The final straw came when I served my mistress a sparkling wine in a dirty glass. As I placed it on the table beside her I could see the smears but it was too late.

I could see that Madame Catarina had spotted the smears on the glass and I knew that I was in serious trouble, not only because of this but because of the long list of misdemeanors throughout the day. I have said before that I do not care how Madame Catarina uses me…I am her property to do with as she wishes and I delight in her use of me, but what I hate above all else is doing something to let her down or annoy her. To be the cause of his Mistress’ displeasure is those most distressing thing for a slave.

I was ordered to fetch my mask and lead and I did so obediently. Normally I would have virtually skipped at such an order as it meant Madame Catarina wanted to use me for her own sadistic pleasure but this time it was different…this was to be punishment. So it was with a very heavy heart that I fetched my lead and collar and returned to Madame Catarina. I knelt in silence as my Mistress attached the lead and fitted the hood before attaching the eye pieces and the mouth gag. I was ordered to put my hands in front of me and I felt the cold embrace of the handcuffs and then heard and felt the click has the key was turned in the lock. I was lead sightless through the saloon and into the dungeon…I could tell it was the dungeon and into Madame Catarina’s cage. I was roughly place in a sitting position on the floor and the cage door was locked behind me and then the door closed and locked leaving me in utter darkness…

I do not know how long I lay in the cage in darkness…I doubt it was overly long…but long enough for me to reflect on my behaviour and learn my lesson…namely slovenly behaviour and service would not be tolerated. On my release from the cage Madame Catarina removed the eye pieces and mouth gag from my hood and led me on all fours out of the cage and across the dungeon floor and into the saloon. I had no idea what to expect. Was I be to cruelly and severely punished with whips and canes or any number of other instruments that Madame Catarina keeps for that purpose or did my Mistress think I had learnt my lesson for now.

To my relief Madame Catarina told me to remove my hood and collar and return them to their allotted place before serving her a glass of chilled, sparkling wine…adding with a cruel smile…’in a clean glass’. I did so gladly and served my Mistress and owner her cooled wine in probably the cleanest glass in history.

My Mistress had sessions booked later that evening and I was given a list of errands to complete around Berlin. On my return I was greeted by Madame Catarina resplendent in full leather and thigh length boots. Obviously my heart was in my mouth…it sometimes still comes as a shock that Madame Catarina is so unimaginably beautiful. Madame Catarina ordered me to take a photograph for her Twitter account as a gift to a generous fan and once satisfied with my amateur efforts I was allowed to remove her boots and massage her stockinged feet.


Once my other duties were over I was dismissed and took myself off to my dungeon resting place. As I lay on the verge of sleep I reflected on the events of the day and realised beyond all doubt that I was indeed the property of Madame Catarina and that I belonged completely and utterly to her; to be used and disposed of however she wished….

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