A Walk in the Woods

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I awoke the following morning very tired. Despite my best efforts to sleep my dreams were haunted-if the word haunted is the correct word to describe what was going on inside my head and chastity device. Strangely…or maybe not …even in my dreams it seemed that I could not imagine myself out of chastity it had become that much a part of my existence. The device, the name tags and my collar (worn at all times inside of the dungeon) had all become an essential part of me…reinforcing my identity as Madame Catarina’s slave and property. Even in my dreams I remained locked in chastity as my Mistress and owner used me…I do not even know if some of the more fantastical visions are physically possible…demonstrated to me how deeply I had internalised my identity of slave and how my chastity had entered my subconscious.

I presented myself in the usual manner in the morning and awaited my Mistress and owner, determined to give good service and nothing of the slipshod shambles I had provided the previous day. Madame Catarina arrived looking radiantly beautiful as always and I felt a sudden urge to grovel at her feet and apologise for my behaviour the previous day and pledge to her again my absolute devotion and subjugation. However this would have been both unseemly and embarrassing not to say totally unacceptable behaviour. When I say embarrassing I do not mean embarrassing to me as the emotion can have no meaning to a slave …but embarrasing to my Mistress.

Madame Catarina announced herself satisfied with the state of the dungeon and saloon and that I needed some fresh air. I was ordered to present my device for inspection but instead of the usual cursory inspection my Mistress examined all very closely before smiling to herself and telling me to wait. I knelt for a few minutes shivering in nervous anticipation as Madame Catarina went into the dungeon. On her return Madame Catarina held the electro cock collar in her gloved hands and smiling she instructed me to put it on. I knew from past experience how to do this as the device was used quite often in my formative training. It was a little difficult to attach with the steel cage still in place but with a little adjustment I managed to make both secure. Madame Catarina inspected my handiwork before applying a sharp electric shock …I doubled up in pain as she laughed sadistically. My Mistress then explained that whilst we had tested the distance that a shock could be applied through the remote control to the collar in open fields; it had yet to be tested in the forest. My Mistress explained she had some ideas for future games and events and what better way to test the device than on her own personal slave and property…and that I was locked into chastity only served to double her fun.

As I quickly dressed for the outdoor expedition removing my collar at the door and hanging it in its appointed place I wondered whether my Mistress was a mind reader…or more literally a dream reader … or perhaps she somehow told me what to dream.

It was not long before I found myself pacing through the forest receiving electric shock after electric shock to my cock and balls every 5 meters or so. Needless to say the forest rang out with my yelps of pain and Madame Catarina’s peels of sadistic laughter. I must admit I was finding it increasingly difficult to walk the sharp shocks were having an anticipated effect on my caged cock, leaving it engorged within its steel cage… also the steel of the cage was conducting the shock to totally encompass my whole cock or that is at least how it felt. I limped back to my Mistress like a three legged man, receiving additional shocks on the way.

I was gratified to see that my Mistress and owner had thoroughly enjoyed using me in this way and I of course was delighted to have been used. As I walked behind my Mistress through the forest I could feel my whole body tingly with excitement as my mind reran what had just happened. To be of use and to be used by my Mistress what could be a better start to a day than that for any slave…

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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