Even Deeper into Madame Catarina’s Slavery



On the return to Madame Catarina’s saloon I was instructed to remove the electro cock collar, clean it and return it to its allotted place. My Mistress and owner informed me that she had found the morning walk highly amusing and informative and that I was to buy myself my own personal electro cock collar in time for my next visit as it would be much more fun to summon me with a sharp shock to the cock and balls than simply ringing a bell.

I could hardly contain my excitement at the prospect…

A large part of my slave journey has been learning how to relinquish control to my Mistress and owner, whether physical or mental. A large part of this process has been learning to let go of ideas of self as these only get in the way…or more correctly let go of old ideas of self and instead embrace and welcome her total control of my mind, body and spirit. The idea of permanently being fitted with an electro cock collar whilst locked in chastity excited me. The thought that Madame Catarina could summon me or torture my cock and balls at any time seemed to me to be a perfect symbol of her ownership. However, that would have to wait for another day.

Madame Catarina had sessions booked later in the day so after preparing the dungeon I was sent to run various errands across Berlin. Whilst I was away my Mistress messaged me to ask how long I had been in chastity and I replied a little over two months. I wondered briefly why my Mistress had asked but then put it out of my mind as I tried to negotiate the U Bahn system. It was only when I checked my twitter account later that I found out the reason for the question.

Madame Catarina had posted a poll on her Twitter account asking whether I should be milked and filmed or left in chastity. (You can vote here https://twitter.com/MadameCatarina)

On my return to the saloon Madame Catarina informed me that I was allowed to take her to dinner at her favourite Indian Restaurant as soon as I had cleaned the dungeon. I set about my work in double fast time and was soon walking behind my Mistress and owner on the way to the restaurant. It was a cold night and both Madame Catarina were wrapped up well against the chill October air …which is just as well as it was not until we entered the warmth of the restaurant and began to shed hats and scarves that it became apparent that I had not removed my collar before leaving the saloon. It was madame Catarina that noticed and laughing she instructed me to remove it. I did so quickly and with as little fuss as possible stuffing it quickly into my coat pocket. I am hopeful that no one saw.

It felt strange to be sitting opposite my Mistress at a table instead of kneeling at her feet but obviously it could have been awkward if Madame Catarina had requested a dog bowl and allowed me to dine in my usual position. After a pleasant meal I returned to the saloon and my dungeon sack and slept soundly until my alarm awoke me in the morning.

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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