Madame Catarina’s Milking Parlour


I could not help feeling disappointed it was the alarm that woke me and not a sharp electric shock to my cock and balls. I could not help thinking about the electro cock collar idea and Madame Catarina having complete access to my cock 24/7. The idea really excited me and I could only imagine the feelings of helplessness and total control that this would generate.

I prepared coffee for my Mistresses arrival and took up my usual position, naked in the centre of the saloon to await my Mistresses arrival. On her arrival Madame Catarina informed me that today would be a training day…of course all days are training days but today would be more technical. As anybody who has been watching Madame Catarina’s movies will know she now has a bespoke slave milking machine…and be prepared for some surprise developments in future movies. The machine is highly sophisticated and requires some technical knowledge regards to its preparation, operation and cleaning. As a result much of the morning was spent with my Mistress assembling, disassembling and cleaning the machine.  I must admit that I suffered from acute distraction when Madame Catarina demonstrated how to operate the machine. I could not help imagine my cock inside the plastic tubes and sheaths as the machine pumped away…I also wondered to myself whether it would be possible to use the device in combination with the chastity device and just how painful that would be…I did not air this question with my Mistress just in case she wished to put it to the test then and there.

By Midday I was proficient enough to prepare the machine for use and dismantle and clean it after use, which was just as well as Madame Catarina had decided to put the machine and its new attachments through its paces that afternoon. My Mistress supervised the final cleaning, sterilisation and preparation of the machine and preparation of the dungeon before giving me the afternoon off.

I was to return to the saloon at a specified time to prepare my Mistresses dinner and once this was served I was to put my new skills to the test and prepare the saloon. I thanked my Mistress and was allowed to kiss her boots before taking my leave.

I spent the afternoon frequenting several of Berlin’s excellent museums, but must admit to finding it difficult to concentrate on the exhibits with my mind full of electro cock collars and slave milking machines. I also had a close eye on the Twitter poll Madame Catarina had set up, probably checking it more often than I should have.

I found the poll strangely exciting. There was the obvious reason –would I be milked and filmed or stay in chastity…if Madame Catarina decided to take any notice of the polls results and there is no reason that she should…but also the fact that my fate was in the hands of strangers made me really feel that I had entered a new phase of my slavery. In essence I had become a mere thing, a possession of my Mistress, totally powerless and I revelled in this.

When I returned to the saloon I discovered a hand written note from my Mistress and owner informing me that her plans had changed and that I had free time this evening and the following day. I was to pack and prepare certain items for the day after as Madame Catarina was visiting Avalon with her good friend Lady Stella once more. If my Mistress required anything from me she would message me.

I prepared a light supper and took to my dungeon sack for an early night.

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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