My Training Deepens



The next day was uneventful in the most part. I busied myself as best I could with little jobs and developed an unhealthy fixation with the twitter poll relating to my chastity. My Mistress messaged a few times with a list of equipment required for the next week’s movie shooting with Mistress Roug’e and some very exciting ideas …but more of that another day.

The following morning I awoke at the normal time and instead of the usual ritual I proceeded straight to the packing of equipment for Madame Catarina’s Avalon visit. Whilst packing I received a message from my Mistress and owner suggesting that I check the twitter feed on the poll. Madame Catarina does not often ‘suggest’ actions to me, it is usually more simply an order…so I knew there was something sadistic afoot. I checked the feed and saw exactly why Madame Catarina had suggested I read it.

There had been a message from Mistress Ezada Sinn suggesting that Madame Catarina milk me…but with a spiked cock ring on…and then I read Madame Catarina’s reply saying that it was a good idea to let me cum under pain…if I could…

I gazed in consternation at the messages …before realising that my caged cock was going into spasms. How had I thought I would be milked? Suddenly the idea of Madame Catarina torturing over two month’s worth of cum from my cock was all I could think of. I also knew that Madame Catarina enjoyed inflicting such levels of pain that it became impossible for even the horniest slave to cum.

I had no idea what my Mistress and owner had in mind…or if indeed if I would be milked…but whatever the outcome I would welcome it wholeheartedly.

I replied to my Mistress to this effect and continued with the packing. When Madame Catarina arrived I greeted her respectfully but was told that really I should grovel on the floor and beg to kiss her boots as I had not seen her for so long. I did so gratefully, prostrating myself before her and begging desperately to be allowed to kiss her boots. Madame Catarina refused saying my grovelling and begging was pathetic and instead I could prepare her a light brunch whilst she inspected the saloon and dungeon. Once the dungeon was inspected Madame Catarina demanded to see my chastity device. I unzipped my jeans and presented the device and my cock for inspection…then much to my surprise Madame Catarina ordered me to drop my trousers and began to dig her sharp nails into my balls…smiling as she commented that there would be a lot of juice for my Mistress when the day came. Madame Catarina continued to dig her sharp nails into my balls and then grabbed the steel tightly in her fists whilst digger her nails into the side of my cock through the open side slats in the device. I yelped and wriggled in pain as Madame Catarina continued to hold by engorged cock tightly in its metal cage before running her sharp thumb nail into the eye of my cock. I writhed in agony as Madame Catarina continued to dig her nail deeper in before releasing me and commanding me to put it away and get on with preparing her brunch. I did so obediently and struggled on with brunch limping.

Once brunch had been served Madame Catarina allowed me to take her luggage to the car and bade farewell at the kerbside as she made her way to Avalon and Lady Stella for more sadistic fun.

On Madame Catarina’s return I was instructed to fetch her bags from the car and clean the outfits and equipment….other than this my services were not required for the rest of the evening as my Mistress and owner would be dining out.

Once my duties were completed I retired wearily but happy to my dungeon sack to dream vividly of cock torture and milking at the hands of my beautiful and sadistic owner….

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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