Madame Catarina’s Slave Training- The Next Level


The following day with coffee prepared I presented myself at and awaited my Mistress, naked all but for my collar, tags and device. Madame Catarina duly messaged me and told me to fetch my hood, lead and nipple clamps and await her arrival in the saloon kitchen. I did so immediately and reumed my position of supplication on the kitchen floor. My Mistress and owner duly arrived and inspected my chastity device with the heel of her boots. The autumn weather and the fallen leaves meant that Madame Catarina’s boots were very muddy that morning and once my hood and lead had been fitted I was instructed to clean the trail of mud she had left across the tiled floor. I stood up to fetch the mop and bucket but received a sharp slap across the face and was ordered to get on my hands a knees and use my tongue. I did so obediently and started to lick the mud off the floor…reluctantly at first and then with enthusiasm …by the time I reached Madame Catarina standing in her muddy boots I was devouring the mud and autumn leaves hungrily. When commanded to lick her dirty boots clean I did so with great gusto, like a man possessed…or more like a wild animal greedily licking  and swallowing every piece of detritus I could find on my Goddesses boots.  Madame Catarina stopped me briefly to attach the nipple clamps and then instructed me to lie on my back and clean the soles and heels of her muddy boots. I did so gratefully savouring every morsel of mud and dirt as I licked and sucked for all I was worth as Madame Catarina trampled my caged cock beneath her heels and pulled cruelly on the nipple clamps..

Finally Madame Catarina was satisfied and told me I could finish the job properly later with a brush and boot polish. I was told that for the next two days that I would remain dressed as a slave apart from when I left the dungeon when she had sessions booked and even then the nipple clamps would remain attached until I was ordered otherwise.

I thanked my Mistress profusely and she gave me a lists of items required for that day’s session and a list of items required for the following day’s session and the movie shoot with Mistress roug’e a day later. I set about my tasks after showering and cleaning myself up as per my Mistresses instructions. Occasionally Madame Catarina would message me ordering me to remove or reapply the nipple clamps until it was time for me to run some errands.


On my return to the saloon Madame Catarina instructed me that my services would not be required further that evening but as befitting my slave status I would be strapped and locked into my leather sack in the dungeon until morning. I thanked my Mistress as she made me secure in my bondage before she left me lying helpless in the dark.

I spent a fitful night in the sack and was really aware of the constraints, not least of my metal chastity device.

I was woken by the dungeon light being remotely switched on and I awaited my Mistresses arrival in a state of nervous anticipation. On her arrival in the dungeon Madame Catarina commented that it was such a waste to have such a helpless and willing slave at her feet to play with, but sadly she was busy and I had work to do. I was released from the sack and instructed to reapply the nipple clamps.

This I did much to Madame Catarina’s amusement.

The rest of the day passed in a whirl of frantic activity. Preparing the dungeon for a particularly long and brutal session and shopping for last minute items for the next day’s movie making. On my return I tidied and cleaned the equipment, dungeon and saloon before packing all that was needed for the movie shoot. Madame Catarina had decided that I needed an early night as it would be a busy day filming with an early start. The nipple clamps were removed once more before I entered my leather sack to sleep very well until morning.

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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