Slavery Continues


The following day was extremely busy with cleaning and packing way the equipment from the movie shoot and then preparing the dungeon for an evening double dom session with Mistress Rouge and my owner and Mistress, Madame Catarina. By waking early I had managed to complete most of the work before my Mistresses arrival at noon.

I greeted my Mistress respectfully and after her coffee she inspected the dungeon and saloon and announced it was all very satisfactory. I beamed with pleasure at her comments and thanked her. My Mistress and owner then ordered me to present my cock for examination.

Madame Catarina then ordered me to present my cock and balls for inspection. I had been given permission to remove the device for a couple of days for hygiene and health reasons…although of course I was still locked into chastity as much as if I had been wearing the device. I had thoroughly washed and shaved the previous evening …as I stood before my Mistress with my trousers around my ankles I could not help but think of the events of the previous day…and I felt an inadvisable stirring…which I managed to keep in check.

As she squeezed my balls Madame Catarina smiled and commented that they were a lot emptier than a few days earlier. I agreed respectfully as my Mistress inspected my cock and balls …paying particular attention to the small scratches and blisters as well as on the lookout for any stray hairs I may have missed.

Eventually my Mistress announced herself satisfied with her property and expected it to be able renter the device sometime over the next couple of days. I was grateful for this news…the device had become a part of me and I felt strangely naked not wearing it.

Madame Catarina told me that I would be required for filming again the following day and my heart leapt for joy. I knew from my schedule that it was to be another double Dom movie with Mistress Rouge and that another slave would be in the movie but more than that I did not know…nor dared to ask. I was just happy that my Mistress and owner would allow me to serve her this way.

Once the inspection was over Madame Catarina began to select the equipment that was to be used that evening. It never ceases to amaze me that after all the time I have spent in the dungeon Madame Catarina can always reveal new devices or at least new to me. Today was no exception and as each new instrument of torture was revealed I respectfully asked what it was used for…which sometimes made my eyes water whilst simultaneously filling me with a deep desire to have it applied to me…and then how it needed to be cleaned…what solutions and methods…and of course how and where it was stored. With my lesson ended for the day I was dismissed with strict orders to be in attendance at Madame’s favourite Italian restaurant at a specified time to serve as a foot masseur beneath the table with another slave as Madame Catarina and Mistress Rouge enjoyed a lavish meal.

When Madame Catarina and Mistress Rouge arrived at the restaurant I was allowed to take their coats and took my place with the other slave at the table. Madame Catarina instructed me what to order and throughout the meal both myself and the other slave were instructed to surreptitiously kneel under the table and massage both Mistresses feet.

With the meal over I returned to the saloon and crept happily into my cold leather sack and slept…

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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