House of Corrections


On my last visit to see my owner and Mistress I was allowed to take part in another movie together with a regular and long serving slave of Madame Catarina..this was the day before I flew back to what is soon to become a distant memory of ‘not so dear old Blighty’. The movie making was a truly wonderful experience and every minute of my journey home via trains, planes and more trains served as a constant reminder of Madame Catarina’s ownership of me as I fidgeted my way over land and sea…

The full movie is now available at C4S here

Story: What is the House of Correction? It is a place in the world of matriarchy where ill-mannered slave husbands, domestic servants, working slaves and all other male properties are sent for training or correction. One of these houses is run by Madame Catarina where corporal punishment and other chastisements are the main methods of correction. Madame Catarina has been sent a slave to rectify his errant behaviour. The slave is kept locked in chastity and imprisoned in a cage and only brought out for cruel and sadistic punishment as befits his crimes. But just as Madame Catrina is warming to her task of punishing the slave with her whips and canes she receives an urgent referral. Without further ado the slave is locked once more in the cage and Madame Catarina sets off to collect the new slave. On her return the new slave is subjected to brutal correctional therapy with whips and canes until Madame Catarina is satisfied his horny behaviour is corrected once and for all. Once the slave is dismissed it is time to resume the caged slave’s punishment…

ENTIRE MOVIE: Madame Catarina looks stunning in silk, stockings and high heels and is looking forward to resuming her caged slave’s correctional therapy. Before long he placed on the whipping bench and his body is prepared for the treatment with a full body whipping with a flogger.  A heavier flogger is applied, before a paddle and finally it is time for the cane. Madame Catarina begins to warm to her task as the slave yelps in pain and the punishment grows ever harder, but, the treatment is interrupted by a telephone call. There is another slave in need of correction so returning her slave to the cage she goes out to collect him. Before long Madame Catarina returns with a hooded and cuffed victim who is soon forced to strip naked and kiss her shoes. He is soon placed on the whipping bench and with a brief pause to cruelly play with his nipples Madame Catarina begins the beating. First with her gloved hand then a flogger and then a paddle but the slave is still horny so a single tail whip is employed. Madame Catarina decides to teach the slave a lesson he will never forget and removes him from the whipping bench to give his cock and balls a severe caning before caning his sore and reddened butt. When satisfied he has learnt his lesson he is unceremoniously dismissed and his owner is informed. Madame Catarina then turns her attention to the caged slave who she leads out of the cage so that she can resume his treatment.

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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