Madam Catarina’s Birthday


The following day-The 8th December if anyone is foolish enough to forget…was Madame Catarina’s birthday. It is difficult to find words to describe the deep happiness I felt at being allowed to serve her on such a special day.

My day began snug and warm in my tight leather sack in Madame Catarina’s dungeon. The previous evening I had been instructed to tidy the saloon when I awoke and await my Mistresses instructions thereafter.

I set to my task enthusiastically clearing away the evidence of what looked to have been a spectacular session. Armed with my now familiar toolbox of cleaning equipment yet still in awe at what my Mistress and owner could do in a session. As I cleaned the various appliances and Madame Catarina’s outfits I could not help but feel a shiver of excitement and fear as I imagined how each device had been used. When my work was barely done I received a message from Madame Catarina instructing me to prepare a brunch for her at a specified time with the ingredients I had been instructed to buy the previous evening.

I finished my cleaning duties, washed and set to work in the kitchen. For once everything was timed to perfection and I had just finished laying out Madame Catarina’s brunch and pouring the chilled wine when my Mistress and owner walked in. I was instructed to kneel beside the table as she took her seat and inspected the meal before her. Pronouncing that it appeared satisfactory she sampled each part of the meal slowly occasionally taking a sip of the cool sparkling wine.

Madame Catarina declared the food excellent and ordered me to fetch my bowl. I did so eagerly and placed it at the foot of the table as Madame Catarina scraped the leftovers from her plate into the bowl and I waited eagerly for the instruction to eat. but it did not come. Instead Madame Catarina  said that it was too good for a slave and I would have to earn my scraps and handing me her car keys she ordered me to get dressed, remove my collar and fetch her birthday presents from her slaves from the car.

Four journeys later and there was a pile of boxes neatly arranged on the saloon floor for Madame Catarina’s inspection. I was allowed to kneel at my Mistresses side and pass her each box for her to open. As she opened each gift she smiled, laughed or on occasion frowned. Occasionally my Mistress would hold up a new toy  and ask me if I knew what it was for, and of course in most instances I would reply that I did not, which caused Madame Catarina to burst into laughter as she said that I soon would. Needless to say my heart leapt in anticipation and quite often this was tinged with apprehension if not outright fear.

With the gifts opened and neatly collected in a corner of the saloon Madame Catarina announced that she loved receiving thoughtful gifts from her slaves whether on her birthday, Xmas or at any other time. I thought back to the beginnings of my journey and the gifts I sent via my owners Amazon wishlist and Ars Vivendi and how this had eventually led to my first appointment and my eventual transformation into Madame Catarina’s slave and property.

I was brought sharply from my revere when Madame Catarina asked me how long it was before I became her permanent  24/7 live in slave and butler to the exclusion of all else. i replied quickly with the exact number of days and hours a little dismayed that my Mistress and owner had forgotten. I need not have worried as Madame Catarina laughed and told me I was correct.

For many months I have had an internal clock in my head, counting down the weeks, days, hours and minutes until the appointed time when I enter into absolute slavery. With my business affairs now almost in order  a date had been set for me to relinquish my old life and dedicate myself completely and absolutely to serving Madame Catarina…and that day could not come soon enough.

I was charged with disposing of the various boxes and wrappings and told once this was done I had time off. I was to present myself in a clean and smart manner at an appointed time that evening  as I was to be granted the honour of taking my Mistress and owner to her favourite restaurant for a meal.

After my Mistress left the day passed in a joyful whirl of anticipation and preparation….

Later that evening I crawled into my leather sack the most content and happy of slaves…

And the picture…maybe just a glimpse into my future

(And sorry to the artist I could not find a credit)

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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