And So It Begins


It was a strange feeling to be stood on the windswept station for the last time.

But normality soon reasserted itself with the announcements of delayed trains and then the cold wet drizzle began, there was no shelter as the dilapidated waiting room had been boarded up due to vandalism and neglect. I thought about the many times I had made this journey in the past and the return journey, but this time it was different…there would be no coming back.

I could have leapt for joy. My heart and soul where bursting with anticipation at my new life.

A mere ten hours later I arrived at Madame Catarina’s saloon and was granted admission. It should be noted that the bulk of the travel time was spent traversing seventy miles on English public transport.

Madame Catarina was waiting for me and immediately I fell to my knees and then crawled towards her as she indicated that I should kiss her stockinged feet. I did so gratefully and eagerly. I was then given my instructions for the evening.

I was to run my Mistress and owners bath before doing a small shopping trip and then cook dinner. Once this was done I could sleep if I wished but the dungeon and saloon had to be spotless by the next afternoon as there was to be a movie making session. I thanked my Mistress profusely and set about my duties as soon as Madame Catarina had locked me once again into chastity…this took a little longer than usual as I had to retrieve my device from my suitcase, not trusting the metal cage to hand luggage after my previous trip.

Soon the bath was run, the shopping done and the meal cooked. I was instructed to kneel at my Mistresses booted feet and allowed to kiss and lick them as she ate. When Madame Catarina was finished I was given the leftovers from her plate which I devoured hungrily. As I ate Madame Catarina pronounced her verdict on the meal and how it could be improved in future. I thanked my Mistress for comments and advice on future dishes before I was dismissed.

As I crawled wearily into my leather sack in the dungeon, noting as I did that my Mistress and owner must have had some serious fun there earlier I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that I was the luckiest slave in the universe. I belonged to her now, completely and totally….

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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