What Will You Do for Your Mistress?



With Xmas so near much of the following day was spent shopping. Madame Catarina had worked out what she wished to eat and drink over the festive period and had also discussed recipes with me and exactly how things should be prepared. Armed with a long list in both German and English of ingredients and items required I set off around the busy Berlin streets to seek out and buy the all the items required.

I made several trips but eventually all was in order although there were a few things that would need to be bought the following morning for reasons of freshness and of course an inevitable mistake on my part. However, Madame Catarina announced that she was satisfied with my efforts and I blushed with a deep feeling of satisfaction that I had pleased my Mistress and owner.

Madame Catarina then ordered me to take my clothes off so she could inspect me to see how my nipples and cock were recovering from yesterday’s movie making. As I stood there naked, my Mistress and owner checked and probed my balls and cock announcing that it would be a good idea to remove the device for 24 hours so as the cuts and scratches could heal before turning her attention to my nipples. Madame Catarina stroked them gently at first asking me if they were sore and I replied truthfully that they were and with this Madame Catarina dug her sharp nails deep into my nipples causing me to yelp and writhe in agony much to her delight. The pain in the nipples almost instantly caused my cock to swell within its steel cage which did not go unnoticed by Madame Catarina and before long her sharp nails had turned their attention to my engorged cock and balls. I trembled as I desperately tried to stop the erection and stop my cock head painfully rubbing and straining against the metal case but Madame Catarina had other ideas.

I was made to kneel before my Mistress and owner as she cruelly played with my already bruised and sore nipples whilst digging her sharp heels into my straining cock. Madame Catarina then ordered me to tell her what I would do for my owner…I must admit, being British I found this incredibly difficult…being asked to talk about ones most intimate and passionate feelings is something the British fear more than anything else…but I did so slowly at first and then the words began to flow and then gush. The words came pouring out and I have never known myself speak so freely and honestly and from the heart. As Madame Catarina intensified the pressure on my nipples I was vaguely aware that they were bleeding again and the delicious pain coursed through my body and I craved this more than anything. I think Madame Catarina was pleased with my expression of devotion as she smiled throughout my outpouring until such time as she saw fit to place the sole of her shoe across my mouth and instructed me to kiss and lick it…perhaps I had started to repeat myself several times over.

I kissed and licked gratefully in a state of near delirium until Madame Catarina decided to remove it and stood up to leave. She turned as she left and told me to write down what I had just said in an email so she could print it out and keep it with the contract of ownership. With this she left the saloon saying if she was satisfied with my email I might be allowed to prepare her bath for her this evening in her private apartments.

I thanked my Mistress profusely as she left and I lay trembling and shivering on the floor for some minutes in a state of what I will call spiritual ecstasy…but this does not come close. As I looked down at my bruised and torn nipples and my ragged cock trapped in its steel sheath I knew without doubt that every word I had said was entirely truthful…and I knew my Goddess would hold me to every word of it.

And what did I say…Like the contents of the slave contract, that is between my Mistress, Owner and Goddess, Madame Catarina and me…

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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