A Sense of Belonging


The photo is from Madame Catarina’s new movie available at C4S

That evening true to her word Madame Catarina allowed me to clean her bathroom within her private apartments and to prepare her bath for her. I felt so honoured. I knew the exact temperature and depth and how Madame Catarina liked her things to be placed around the bathtub and how and where to hang the freshly laundered towels .Once all was prepared I was instructed to prepare Madame’s dinner whilst she bathed. I did so eagerly and very soon dinner was prepared, wine poured and my Mistress and owner was seated and I was kneeling before her dining from my doggy bowl.  Occasionally my owner would hold up scraps from her plate and I would assume the doggy begging position or she would spit a mixture of wine and spit into my eager and open mouth or use me as a human ashtray.

It was only after the meal and that all had been tidied away and I lay in my new Harry Potter like sleeping quarters that I realized something had changed deep inside of me. I no longer felt that pangs of self-consciousness that I was now only aware of now they had gone. It was a moment of self-realization. It was as if the act of physically speaking the words of my devotion before my Mistress had released me from the chains of my former self and freed me to become what I truly was…and that was quite simply and completely Madame Catarina’s slave and property…

The following day was Xmas Eve and after returning to the saloon I started to prepare the special brunch Madame Catarina had ordered. The most difficult aspect of the brunch was to boil the perfect egg to be served at the exact time of Madame Catarina’s arrival. It may sound a trivial obstacle to overcome but I was more determined than usual (which is very determined) to get this correct on this special day.

So it was with some trepidation that I knelt beneath my Mistress and owners table as she approached the meal. I had taken great care on laying out the table and spread of delicacies for my Mistress, but I knew all would be wasted if the egg was not satisfactory. I waited with bated breath for Madame Catarina to open the egg and give her verdict. When she announced that it was perfect it was all I could do to restrain myself from punching the air and doing a little dance around the kitchen…behaviour not at all suitable for a slave, so quite obviously I restrained myself.

It was a heady mix of pleasure and satisfaction that I felt when after finishing her brunch Madame Catarina announced it excellent. It is the most wonderful feeling for a slave to be able to give satisfactory service to his Mistress. It is after all what he exists for.

Madame Catarina again inspected my chastity device and handing me the key instructed me to remove it. I did so obediently and offered my cock and balls up for inspection. My Mistress and owner carefully weighed my balls before announcing that I was to leave the device off for a few hours, wash and put some cream on the various nicks and grazes. I thanked my Mistress who simply replied that it was her property and she did not want it damaged as she may find a use for it again one day.

The day passed slowly and after Madame Catarina had finished brunch I was left pretty much left to my own devices, I knew I had to prepare my Goddesses bath later on her return and to prepare a special meal after which Madame Catarina would open her Xmas presents. It felt strange to be in the saloon without the device fitted, in fact it just felt strange not to feel the comforting embrace of the steel around my cock and the restriction of the ring around my balls.

The evening passed perfectly, Madame Catarina’s bath was prepared exactly as she wished, and my Goddess pronounced the meal excellent and then was delighted with her presents. As I began to pack the wrappings and boxes away ready for disposal Madame Catarina rang the bell to summon me and of course I hastily stopped what I was doing to attend my Mistress and owner.

Madame Catarina indicated she would like a cold glass of sparkling a glass of sparkling wine to toast in Xmas day and I immediately went to fetch one, but Madame Catarina called me back and told me there was also a special Xmas gift for her slave and property in the refrigerator.

And so saw in Xmas day on my knees before my Goddess as Madame Catarina made a toast to my absolute slavery  as she sipped her cold sparkling wine and I drank deep of my Goddesses chilled champagne feeling it course through my body and making me more completely and totally her thing as she held up the key and watched me attach my chastity device once more.

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