Bad Points for slave pj

C-peLw4XoAAQ6NnI gazed at the chalkboard once again.

It is a habit I have gotten in to, each day I read the words ‘slave pj’s bad points’ and look at the tally.

I just hope my behaviour does not warrant Madame Catarina having to get a bigger board!

I knew today was the day I would receive my punishment. One week on and I had somehow managed to get the tally up to fifteen strokes of the cane. As I looked on I counted up the offences that my Mistress and owner had decided deserved corporal punishment. As I counted them up I identified each offence. Most were for mumbling or not speaking concisely and clearly, some were for stupidity and generally being annoying and others where for offences such as walking in front of my Mistress and owner when out in public or forgetting to carry out a small task or serving dinner or morning coffee late.

I was dreading my punishment. Whilst it is true I do not like the cane it is also true that I like less letting down my Mistress and owner or giving cause for annoyance…which as the evidence of the board demonstrates I am not very good at!

To make matters worse (and I will not go into details) I managed to get an extra five bad points on the board that morning bringing the total up to twenty and putting my Mistress in a bad mood just when my punishment was due…which was not a good idea!

So I was dragged into Madame Catarina’s saloon ordered to pull down my pants, go on all fours and present my butt for punishment. I did so obediently as Madame Catarina selected a dragon cane telling me to keep count as she proceeded to dish out my punishment.

I am sure I have taken more than twenty strokes in the past but none as painful. With each stroke Madame Catarina told me how angry and disappointed she was with my service and behaviour and although I was writhing and whimpering from the strokes of the cane her words cut deeper.

I thanked my Mistress and owner for my punishment and once more suitably attired I enquired as to whether Madame would like me to serve breakfast. Madame Catarina decided on a brunch with sparkling wine which I dutifully prepared and served before being banished from my Mistresses sight for most of the day.

As I continued with my daily duties the stinging of my butt acted as a constant reminder of my mistakes as well as my status as slave and property. On occasion the pain in my butt quite excited me but as my cock stiffened inadvertently, my steel chastity device acted as another reminder of how totally and completely I was owned and controlled.

That evening as I served Madame Catarina her dinner I was unexpectedly invited to eat my salad from the dog table at my Mistresses’ feet. As I knelt before my owner, collared, locked in chastity and with stinging and bruised butt I knew there was no place on earth I would rather be and that Madame Catarina had taken total ownership of me.

I vowed to myself to improve my behaviour and that the next time Madame Catarina took the cane to my butt it would be for pleasure and amusement and not from anger.

Less than thirty six hours later and the first marks have appeared on the bad points for slave pj board…

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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