A Night at the Opera


One could be forgiven from reading this blog that a slave butler’s life is one of constant pain. This is evidently not the case.

On second thoughts …there is a lot of pain.

But being the slave, butler and property of the most beautiful and genuinely sadistic Mistress on the planet what would one expect! This is a rhetorical question by the way.

Much of the pain is the right kind of pain. The pain a slave gladly suffers for the amusement and pleasure of his Mistress…the sort of pain that mingles with extreme pleasure and makes his head (and other parts of his anatomy if he is lucky and his Mistress permits) explode. The kind of pain that is somehow sacred and part of the act of worship as the slave subsumes himself to the will and pleasure of his Mistress.

And of course there is the other sort of pain which is dealt out as punishment, but enough of that.

I should point out that as I am genuinely the property of Madame Catarina and there is a contract of ownership. I have given myself freely and totally to my Goddess so she can use me however she wishes. After all this is the essence of total slavery and the lifestyle I have chosen.

But there is also extreme and unabated joy and pleasure in serving.

A word of faint praise or satisfaction from my Mistress and owner for a relatively simple task such as presenting a pair of perfectly cleaned and polished boots or a perfectly cooked meal will keep me buoyed up for days. And then there is the unalloyed delight in giving special service.

So on to the night at the Opera…

A couple of weeks ago I had the great honour of escorting Madame Catarina to the opera.

Madame had mentioned some weeks before that she would like to attend the opera and I had been charged with matching the opera programme with her likes and dislikes and of course my Mistresses availability. Sadly, it seemed that there was always some engagement or other on the days that the operas Madame Catarina wished to see were being performed.

However a late change of plan on the day of one performance found me at the opera house purchasing the best seats available and charged with finding myself suitable attire to escort my Goddess to the opera that evening.

Madame Catarina appeared a vision of exquisite beauty that evening…as always… and allowed me to escort her to dinner and then to the opera. It felt strange in the restaurant to be sat at the table with my Mistress instead of kneeling at her feet eating from my doggy table.

And then it was on to the Opera. What can I say? The whole experience was mind blowing, being allowed to escort my Mistress and owner to the opera house, to walk respectfully behind her as heads turned to admire her beauty and to provide chilled sparkling wine in the interval. But much more important was the knowledge that I was being of service to my Goddess. The feeling that I had provided some small service to my Mistress made my head reel. After all what was a slave for other than to serve?

Whether his service is suffering for his Mistresses amusement and pleasure or simply providing those things she wants both are testaments to his slavery and her ownership and control.

And so my journey continues. As Madame Catarina’s ownership and control over me deepens further still I am experiencing new levels of slavery and learning all the time what it means to be a slave. Learning very slowly as the bad points on my punishment board testifies but learning nonetheless.

And one other valuable lesson I have learnt is…I really quite like opera!

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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