Sightseeing in Berlin-With a Difference


I had the great honour to be allowed to accompany my Mistress and owner Madame Catarina on a sightseeing tour of Berlin. But, as one would expect it was a sightseeing tour with a difference.

Madame Catarina had invited her friend Fetish Liza to Berlin for some movie making and as the weather forecast was good decided to find an outdoor location with a difference. Berlin is an amazing city and over the two days searching for a ‘special’ location I had the privilege of not only being allowed to spend time in the company of Madame Catarina but also to see the underbelly of this great city…the abandoned factories, deserted train station, derelict villas and the like.

As anyone who has seen any of Madame Catarina’s movies or had the honour to visit her saloon will know Madame Catarina is not only very beautiful but also a sadistic and creative genius.

Looking at the ruins I saw an eerie beauty in the landscape but my Mistress and owner saw much more. Each hole in the ground was a potential prison for her slaves where they could be kept until she had use for them. Each pile of twisted metal could be used to secure her victims to, each pile of rubble a possible whipping bench. I stood in awe beside my Mistress as she took inspiration from the most mundane of things in the landscape and I could palpably feel the sadistic relish she took in devising new and bizarre forms of torture for her slaves.

On several occasions I was placed before a pile of twisted metal or other feature as Madame Catarina worked out the best way to secure a slave and expertly and elegantly pretended to use an imaginary whip to see if the space was suitable for her needs. As I leant against the rusted metal fully clothed I desperately wished I were naked and genuinely chained and helpless. And of course I wished the imaginary whip Madame Catarina was brandishing was not imaginary. I longed to feel the sting of my Mistresses whip as it tore at my flesh, to feel the pain course through my trembling body and most of all to hear my Goddesses’ cruel laughter echo across the deserted landscape.

Finally with the sightseeing over, a decision was made on the location.

The movie will be out in due course and the movie shoot itself will be the subject of another blog post.

Meanwhile what did I learn from the experience apart from that Berlin is a wonderful city full of hidden surprises and the time I spent as a kid clambering around deserted factories and abandoned houses was not completely wasted?

I also learnt what it is to stand in the presence of true genius. Madame Catarina is quite simply the most beautiful, cruel, sadistic and creative genius, genuinely delighting in devising new and imaginative ways of controlling and torturing her slaves.

And of course that I am blessed to be allowed to serve…

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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