The Stake of No Mercy-A Slave’s Eye View


I knelt like a dog on all fours in the back of Madame Catarina’s ‘Dommobile’ naked apart from my chastity device, collar and leash. Before me a vision of Femdom heaven developed as Madame Catarina looking every centimeter the absolute Goddess in boots, jodhpurs, leather coat and corset tortured a slave on her Stake of No Mercy. I watched on helpless as the whips, riding crops and canes rained down on the slave’s naked flesh and the forest resounded with his screams and Madame Catarina’s laughter… I knew it would be my turn next and that knowledge filled me with nervousness and excitement. I had no idea what my Goddess, owner and Mistress had planned for me on the ‘Stake of No Mercy’ but I welcomed the chance to serve with all my heart and soul

And as it turns out my butt…but that is for another day.

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Chapter Two in which Madame Catarina releases the slave’s wrists from the base of the ‘Stake of No Mercy’ but only to force him to his feet and secure him in a spread-eagled position. With the slave now helpless and at her mercy the fun can really begin. Madame Catarina takes great delight in subjecting her slave to a full body whipping and laughs as he dances in pain. Pausing only to pull out her slave’ s pubic hair with her gloved hands, the whipping continues unabated until Madame Catarina considers the slave a suitable shade of red from the whipping…


In Chapter Three with the slave now a suitable shade of red Madame Catarina decides it is time for a different type of fun. Without further ado the slave’s ankles are removed from the restraints and he is forced to place his legs over the bar giving Madame Catarina perfect access to the soles of his feet and his butt. Very soon the riding crop is raining down upon his bare fee but Madame Catarina is not satisfied as the slave keeps moving his feet so she binds them together before setting to work on the soles of his feet and his bare butt, delighting in his screams and the pain she inflicts. Madame Catarina pauses briefly to tease the slave’s tiny cock and to select a cane before resuming the treatment only this time much harder. The slave is then placed in a sitting position on the ‘Stake of No Mercy’ and treated to a full body whipping before being released and forced to kiss his Mistresses boots…

And don’t forget Chapter One is also available


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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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