Madame Catarina’s Swiss Vacation-mr butler’s Report

Followers of this blog and of course Madame Catarina’s Twitter pages cannot have failed to notice that at present Madame Catarina is vacationing in Switzerland and will soon be moving on to Italy. It is my great honour as 24/7 slave and property to accompany my Mistress and owner and serve as personal slave, house slave, dungeon slave and fulfill whatever role my owner wishes me to.


The last few weeks have been very hectic…not least what does a Femdom Goddess take on vacation…see above.

After much preparation and quite a few marks on my ‘bad points scoreboard’ all was finally loaded into the ‘Domobile’ and the journey to Switzerland had begun


I should point out that not all of the contents of the ‘Domobile’ you can see is made up of Madame Catarina’s portable dungeon and amazing outfits…only about 90%!

On arrival at the Swiss house I was charged with unpacking, preparing my owners dinner and making sure my Mistress and owner was comfortable before setting up the travelling dungeon and make sure that all was ready for Lady Victoria Valente’s visit the following day. As is always the case when packing for vacation there were a few items I had forgotten to pack..most notably eggs for Madame’s breakfast and the ice packs for the wine cooler…obviously this entailed more bad points on the scoreboard.

Despite this I was allowed to kneel at my Mistresses feet when all was prepared and in celebration of the vacation drink a glass of warm wine mixed with my Mistresses saliva from my dog bowl before being dismissed to my quarters.

The following day was taken up with the amazing Lady Victoria Valente’s visit with a slave in tow for movie making. More of this at a later, but suffice to say I managed to earn even more bad points on my score board.DCDWIC9WAAEimVI

The following day my duties mirrored very much my Berlin duties, making sure my Mistress had all she required and cleaning and preparing the dungeon and equipment as Madame Catarina entertained herself with various slaves.

But then came a surprise.

My Mistress instructed me to look at Twitter on Tuesday morning and I saw that I was to be used as a filming slave and my owner had asked for suggestions as to how she might use me.

As I looked on at Madame Catarina’s ‘portable dungeon’ and remembered cleaning and packing all and then unpacking and arranging it all I could not help but feel excited and not a little apprehensive as I wondered which instruments of torture would be used on me next.


The movie is in English and published on C4S and is accompanied by the following description:

Cum Grazing from Riding Boots

Mr Butler reports:

“Shortly after preparing Madame Catarina’s morning coffee I read on my Mistresses Twitter account that she had requested ideas for a humiliation and submissive film shoot with her slave butler! Madame soon instructed me to pack a bag with camera, tripod, riding boots and a few other items and before long I fitted with collar and leash and being  pulled up the mountain. I was ordered to set up the filming equipment and start the cameras and a second later I found myself in front of the camera!

Lead by collar and leash on all fours by Madame Catarina looking amazing in tight jodhpurs, riding boots and leather jacket I was forced to lick my Mistresses’ boots to remove all the grass and mud from the mountain walk. In order to help me with my task Madame Catarina kindly spat on her boots and greedily licked this up and swallowed this and the grass being instructed to strip naked. Madame decided that from this moment on my Breakfast each day would consist of only grass and spit then, inspecting my chastity device Madame Catarina told me to lie on my back and lick the soles of her boots clean which I did so eagerly. Madame decided that her boots were not quite dirty enough so muddied them more before allowing me to clean them further. Satisfied that her boots were suitably clean Madame decided to release me from my chastity device and discovering that my cock was hard took her riding crop and boots to both my cock and balls. I was then ordered to take my cock in hand and produce ‘polish’ for my Mistresses boots. I was forced to cum on my Mistresses boots and then lick and eat every last drop of my cum from my Mistresses boots and the surrounding grass …just like a cow grazing.”

The above description although an accurate account does not really go far enough. It is difficult to describe my feelings as I was stripped naked on the hillside and allowed to dine on a breakfat of grass, mud, my Goddesses spit and eventually my own cum i will not try…but you can watch the movie here and imagine my feelings.


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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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