Madame Catarina’s Swiss Vacation-Punishing mr butler


The previous day I had been walking on air

If heaven existed and indeed if it was a place on earth as Belinda Carlisle suggested I was there.

What a perfect morning What better way to start the day than to be led up a mountain with collar and leash and to feast on the mud and grass from my Mistresses riding boots, to swallow her spit and finally to be allowed to polish her boots with my cum and tongue before being allowed to eat my cum from the ground where my goddess had stood.

As I walked down the mountain at a respectful distance behind my Mistress carrying the camera equipment I could not help but think how lucky I was to be owned by Madame Catarina. I knew my life belonged to her now and the spectacular scenery of the Alps paled into insignificance against her beauty. My life was completely ruled and devoted to my Goddess, Mistress and Owner.

I knew in her hands she held the power of my bliss or my despair and not only was I helpless to do anything about it I knew I did not want to. Madame Catarina’s absolute power over me had become as essential as breathing. I felt my devotion strengthen and knew not only could she use me however she wished, but this is what I desired above all else. I had given myself completely to Madame Catarina to be moulded into a worthy slave and property…This was my life now.

It is well documented in this blog that I am no big masochist, in fact a bit of a wimp but such were my feelings that day I felt a deep longing to truly suffer for my Mistress, to feel the blend of intense pain and pleasure that only Madame Catarina can bestow on me.

A word of advice…be careful what you wish for!

The next day Madame Catarina instructed me to set up for filming in her holiday ‘playroom’. I did so dutifully having no idea what my Mistress had in store.

But I was about to find out

Madame Catarina entered the room looking spectacularly beautiful…well more spectacularly beautiful than always. I was told to wait outside the door and enter when summoned.

The movie described below is now available on C4S to download and is exactly what happened next


Mr Butler in Trouble –Clearing the Scoreboard

“I had been keeping a close eye on my ‘bad points scorecard’ and was dreading the day that Madame Catarina would decide it was time for my punishment caning. I had prepared the lounge in Madame Catarina’s vacation property so as my Mistress and owner could relax with her book whilst I worked in the ‘portable dungeon’. And then the bell rang summoning me…

Madame Catarina was a vision of devastating beauty in stockings, high heels and figure hugging dress and she instructed me to fetch my scoreboard. I did so and reluctantly handed over my list of bad points, each one merited a stroke of the cane. I was very soon leant over Madame Catarina’s couch with my bare butt in the air and the strokes from Madame Catarina’s expertly wielded cane cut into my bare buttocks. As I counted each stroke Madame Catarina explained what each stroke was for, until eventually my punishment was over and my butt red raw. I was allowed to kiss my Mistresses feet before being dismissed to fetch a cold glass of sparkling wine.”

You can see the movie here

Later as I stood gazing at my bleeding butt in the mirror I felt a tremendous feeling of gratitude to my Mistress and owner for taking such pains to correct my bad and stupid behaviour. If you want to know how I ‘earned’ the strokes of Madame Catarina’s cane…well you best download the movie…


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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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