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Firstly Apologises for having not posted of late. Things have been very busy both over and after the vacation and of course there is now another vacation planned in September and the Jailhouse event with Domina Liza and Madame Catarina in October. More about both of these exciting events below.

But first-

Slave duties

I occasionally receive e-mails or messages asking what my duties are as Madame Catarina’s slave, butler and property. Well to be honest most of what I am prepared to divulge lies in the pages of this blog.

The questions vary from the rather bizarre to the very bizarre. Someone once asked if I was locked in a cage 24/7. Now whilst my Mistress and owner has locked me in a cage on several occasions…more of that later… it would be a little difficult to clean, cook and run errands if this was the case.

In short my duties comprise of whatever my Mistress and owner wishes me to do. Quite simply to carry out orders and to anticipate what might be required and when. My duties are wide ranging and there are no limits as to what they may entail as I am quite simply the slave and property of Madame Catarina

So what does a typical day look like?


There is no such thing as a typical day…all depends on my Mistresses schedule and wishes. The only constants are the writing of a good morning message pledging my devotion and last thing at night wishing my Goddess a goodnight, either in person or remotely.

On most days I am allowed to serve my owner morning coffee and if I have proved myself worthy I am taken out for exercise in a local park or forest before being allowed to serve breakfast, but all depends on my Mistresses schedule and my behaviour.

Other duties and responsibilities include making sure the dungeon and saloon are always clean and the equipment maintained, preparing all for sessions and of course cleaning afterwards. It has been a steep learning curve finding out not only how to clean all the myriad devices and toys but also finding out what they are used for. Sometimes Madame Catarina will simply explain what something is used for and other times I am treated to a personal and painful demonstration.

In order to make sure the dungeon and equipment are kept constantly clean my owner and Mistress has devised a system of spot checks. Madame Catarina will inspect the cleanliness of anything at any time. The simple rule is that everything must be kept in a constant state of readiness as only Madame Catarina knows when and if the next time something is used it will be on me…This tends to concentrate the mind and ensures diligence when cleaning! If a floor or piece of furniture is found to be wanting I have to do the job again and bad points are added to the chalk board and I will be caned whenever my owner decides.

In addition I am allowed to care and clean my owner’s vast array of leather outfits, boots and shoes, making sure all are clean and ready for whenever she may wish to wear them.

However, my butler and house slave duties extend beyond this. I am blessed to be allowed to serve my Mistress and owner in other capacities. Madame Catarina has entrusted me to carry out the weekly shopping for the dungeon…you may be surprised what a dungeon uses in a week…and that the refrigerator and bathroom at her private residence are always well stocked. In addition I am allowed to prepare and serve Madame Catarina dinner when not dining out or otherwise engaged. If I have given good service I am sometimes allowed to eat from my doggy table at my Mistresses feet sometimes with my meal laced with my owner’s delicious saliva. Other times if I have displeased my Mistress I will be locked in a cage and eat from a dog bowl…I said the cage would feature again.

If the meal is not up to standard or my service at table is not up to standard…a dirty spoon, the wrong plate, the sparkling wine not chilled enough…bad points are added to the chalkboard and at some point in the future I will find it painful to sit down.

And of course there are many more duties….

But back to where I left off on my last blog post…or better still below is a list of movies that Madame Catarina made during her vacation. Rather have me go on about them you can watch for yourself.

The first movie filmed is covered briefly in a previous blog and Features Lady Victoria Valente and a favourite masochist slave of Madame Catarina. The camera was placed in my inexpert hands and it was an honour to film such two divine Mistresses against a back drop of the Swiss Alps and then to see the Ladies enjoying themselves really punishing the slave.

And you can see the movie HERE

For the second you can find the blog post and you can find the movie HERE as I have said before what an amazing start to the day to be taken up a mountain and allowed to eat my cum from my owners boots.

The third movie shot was of my mistress and owner Madame Catarina clearing my bad marks on the chalkboard and features in a previous blog and the movie is available to download HERE

The Fourth is a bit of a departure from what passes as the norm: A new Swiss slave had booked a session and had agreed for it to be filmed.  Needless to say within minutes of meeting Madame Catarina he was enslaved and was soon transformed into her doggy slave before being taken to the travel dungeon for some CBT.

You can see the movie HERE

Although there were other sessions these where not filmed and my part as always was simply to prepare the equipment, to make myself scarce and then when all was over to clean up and serve my Mistress however she desired.

And then onto Italy

The first movie filmed at Madame Catarina’s hill top villa was with an actor who had flown in from the USA. You can apply to be one of Madame Catarina’s film slaves at the following link. The details and fees are outlined on the form HERE.

The movie involves pet play and very muddy boot licking…and I can personally vouch for the muddiness of the boots and you can see why by watching the movie HERE

The next movie was another in the Mr Butler in trouble series …and I really was in trouble so had my balls busted and some really quite painful CBT before being allowed to lick my cum from my owners toes and the dirty kitchen floor. You can see what happened HERE

The Third Italian movie was another real session filmed and featured a long-time admirer of Madame Catarina who had requested a bloody caning…as you can imagine that is exactly what he got. You can see the results HERE.

As in Switzerland there were other sessions not filmed although there are some very nice photos my owner took of some on Madame Catarina’s Twitter account HERE

And then it was onto Stuttgart for movie making with the wonderful Lady Victoria Valente.


But more of that later.

There are other movies in the pipeline some already filmed with Madame Catarina’s usual film crew and others yet to be filmed. Keep an eye on Madame Catarina’s twitter page for updates.

Autumn Vacation 2017

Madame Catarina is putting the final touches to her Autumn vacation in September. Once again Switzerland and Italy are the destinations. To book sessions contact Madame Catarina directly- Email:

Also on the 13th-15th October Madame Catarina and her good friend Domina Liza will be holding a special event at the jailhouse-for more information check out the link here

You may wish to checkout the links below to find out more about Madame Catarina

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You can also visit Madame Catarina’s twitter pages for the latest news

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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