Searching for the Perfect Chastity Device



To be honest I cannot remember when Madame Catarina first placed me in a chastity device.

It was long before I became Madame’s 24/7 slave and butler. It may seem strange that I cannot remember such a monumental date but to be honest looking back it seemed such a natural step on my journey into absolute slavery that the idea that there was ever a time I was not locked in chastity seems a bit odd now.

There are a lot of pages on this blog dedicated to my early experiences and thoughts on wearing a device to numerous to link to but you are welcome to look around the blog and discover them…and hopefully a lot more of interest.

I remember there were a few things it took a little getting used to…always sitting to pee, a strict hygiene regime, shaving around the device, always carrying tissues and pair of nail scissors to cut the tag in case of emergency and mastering how to place my cock and balls on an I pad to take the evidence photograph with the date and time without inadvertently opening the I pad with my balls. A steep learning curve….but it all seems a very distant memory.

unnamed (6)

I dimly remember the practical problems…getting the thing on for a start, the habit of the cheaper plastic models of splitting down the middle during the night and numerous other issues which sometimes resulted in an urgent message to Madame Catarina to ask permission to remove the device ..sent with tears in my eyes after an unfortunate shift in position resulting in eye watering pain and of course there was the initial discomfort but, looking back these were as nothing to the psychological changes…the constant physical reminder of Madame Catarina’s ownership and the ritual of the chastity photo at the same time each day…all making sure that slowly but surely my Mistress and owner was controlling every aspect of my life. As any reader of this blog has probably noticed I am owned and controlled completely by Madame Catarina. It has been a long journey and is by no means complete but an important step was my moving into chastity.


To begin with I would wear the device for a limited period with each period becoming gradually longer until Madame Catarina instructed me to remain in the device permanently. I remember the struggles I had initially battling with the independently minded brain that sits within my cock but gradually he became trained to accept Madame Catarina’s ownership like the rest of me.

And now it is a way of life. It may sound odd but the device gives me a certain amount of freedom. I do not have to monitor my cock, the device does this keeping him locked away and  it makes sure my cock is always ready and my balls are always full for whenever Madame Catarina decides to use them….however she wishes….



Recently there have been a few problems with my device. After splitting the cheaper plastic ones Madame instructed me to get something stronger and with my owners approval I opted for a steel device…very snazzy with an almost HR Giger look. This worked fine but there were a few issues with the weight, gravity and over time my balls shrank and the cock rings have had to be replaced with ever smaller sizes.

One such incident occurred on vacation whilst I was serving Madame a glass of sparkling wine one evening…there was a clank and my device rolled slowly down a small hill and into the pond much to Madame Catarina’s amusement. Having served the wine I was then allowed to search for the device at the bottom of the muddy pond with a torch.

There was also another problem with the device in that the padlock continuously beat against my foreskin causing cuts and bruises. This was not ideal as although Madame Catarina has no objection to my cock and balls being tortured, in fact I can testify that Madame Catarina positively enjoys my cock and balls being tortured but only if she is doing the torturing!

Finally when it came to the next cock ring size down the problems, especially around the balls became serious enough for me to have to spend longer and longer periods with no device to allow the soreness and scratches to heal…so time for a new device.

So with my owner’s permission I bought a new device…in silicon. As I was not sure about the material I bought a cheaper version to check if there would be any problems. The device was amazingly comfortable and fitted well and at first appeared to be the ideal solution, but that was before Madame Catarina decided to ‘road test’ it.

What can I say about the ‘road testing’ of the device?  Well, I was allowed to serve Madame a picnic at a local beauty spot and whilst on that picnic Madame Catarina decided to test the new device with her beautiful feet. Over the course of the picnic I was instructed to lie on my back whilst Madame Catarina pressed her feet against my caged cock and balls. Needless to say my cock became very hard very quickly and strained against its prison as Madame Catarina spat champagne onto my cock and balls and continued to kick and rub them.

It is difficult to describe what went through my head as I was allowed to lick and suck champagne and food from my Mistresses feet as she continued to test the device. There are moments in our lives where we experience something truly spiritual …this was one of those moments. I could feel Madame Catarina’s ownership of me run through every cell in my body, I existed only to serve her and when instructed to cum my whole being shuddered in ecstasy as my cock pumped out the entire contents of my balls for my Mistress and owner. As I came within the device I was transported to a different plane of existence and as I licked and ate my cum from my Mistresses’ feet I could not help but feel blessed to be allowed to serve my Goddess

You can see the picnic for yourself here and how the device performed or more correctly did not perform.

So it is back to the drawing board as they say and my old steel device is fitted once again as the hunt continues for a Madame Catarina proof chastity device, but sadly I fear no such thing exists.

And please feel free to contact me at or leave a comment if you have any ideas or recommendations for a chastity device that can be worn permanently but keep me in chastity and survive a ‘road test’ from my Mistress and owner Madame Catarina.


About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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