The Branding


Followers of this blog will know that I am the property and slave of my Mistress and owner Madame Catarina of Berlin….and if you didn’t you know now.

There is a lot on this blog about my life as the 24/7 slave and property of the world’s most amazing Goddess but something happened of special note a few weeks ago that deserves special mention.

A few years ago Madame Catarina baptised me into her slavery, giving me my slave name and allowing me to become formally her property and slave.On the days leading up to the anniversary of this baptism I began to feel a little nervous. I detected a certain glint in Madame’s eye and an added frisson of cruelty to her smile. I guessed that Madame had something planned to mark the occasion (mark is a particularly apt word on this occasion) but put it to the back of mind and continued with my slave duties as normal.

When the day arrived I had quite forgotten what day it was where let alone the date until Madame Catarina looking elegant and beautiful as always, summoned me to her saloon. As I served Madame’s piccolo of chilled sparkling wine Madame Catarina reminded me of the date and its significance. I was ordered to fetch a chair and pull down my pants as Madame had decided that today would be a good day to give me my caning punishment for my mistakes and bad behaviour over the previous week. Madame Catarina cold caned my butt expertly and painfully and then allowed me to kiss her shoes as she explained what was to come.

To mark the occasion I was to receive a lifelong reminder and symbol of Madame Catarina’s total ownership and control of me. Madame Catarina had decided that I was to be branded and with no further ado my Mistress and owner heated the branding iron and having located an area on my butt not covered in marks from her cane pushed the heated metal painfully into my bare flesh. Within moments the initials of my owner were visible on my skin a symbol of her total ownership of me. I dutifully thanked Madame Catarina for the honour of being branded her property before being dismissed. It is a symbol that I shall wear with pride

What can I say? It is such an honour to wear the branded mark of my Goddess, Mistress and owner…but if truth to be told Madame Catarina branded her true mark of her ownership into my very soul years ago.

To mark the occasion Madame Catarina invited a film crew along to make a record of this momentous  occasion and you can see the results here.

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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2 Responses to The Branding

  1. Joao Alves IV says:

    My friend,you are REALLY a lucky man,no doubt… I´m sure what you know how much is INCREDIBLE the PRIVILEGE you have… Because,in fact,this is the more GREAT,BEAUTIFUL,FASCINATING,AMAZING and much more… I have no sufficient words for describe the EXTRAORDINARY HONOUR you have… Madame Catarina is UNIQUE and ABSOLUTELY the more IMPORTANT Dominatrix over the universe… With a UNLIMITED Beauty,it´s a ABSOLUTE fact… Of course,any doubt about the PERFECTION of Your work… ALWAYS The BEST,no doubt… A Perfect Sadistic and Cruel Mistress… And a ILIMITED POWER of a ADORED GODDESS… The Universe is Your Garden… And naturally She deserve a TOTAL and ABSOLUTE… VENERATION and DEVOTION!!!… Because,She is REALLY … The Best and Only One Cruelest BEAUTY!!!… My RESPECT!…

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