Madame Catarina on Vacation


For the second time this year I found myself having the great honour of accompanying my Mistress and owner on vacation in Switzerland and Italy. What happened on vacation?

Well you can get a glimpse by watching some of the movies Madame Catarina shot whilst in Switzerland and Italy. But just a glimpse, the movies are only the tip of the sadistic Iceberg so to speak.


Testing a New Single Tail Whip

Madame Catarina has ordered one of her favourite punishment slaves to attend her at her Swiss vacation house for some sadistic afternoon fun. The slave has brought his Mistress a new single tail whip and Madame Catarina is eager to try it, so the slave is led on all fours to the specially prepared punishment area in the garden to test the new whip.

With her slave kneeling before her with arms suspended Madame Catarina treats him to some very hard face slapping and cruel nipple play before giving him a full body flogging. When satisfied that her slave’s flesh is tender enough to take the new whip Madame Catarina tethers him securely and cruelly torments his nipples and digs her nails deep into his back before she begins testing the new whip. Madame Catarina is delighted with the pain her new whip inflicts and really begins to enjoy herself as it cuts deep into the flesh of her slave again and again. The whipping continues as Madame Catarina circles her slave to administer a full body whipping across his front, back and butt. Satisfied with the work of her new whip Madame Catarina decides to take her dragon cane to the slave’s butt, beating the slave’s red ass until it is a mass of weeping broken skin. Happy with the results of her caning and whipping Madame Catarina releases her slave and leads him on all fours to her sunbed and as Madame Catarina relaxes in the Swiss sunshine she allows her grateful slave to lick her muddy boots.

What could be more wonderful than watching the stunningly beautiful Madame Catarina enjoying herself in the Swiss sunshine with a new whip and a willing slave? You can watch the full movie here.

The next three vacation movies released hopefully give an insight into 24/7 slavery and the rewards and punishments that result from both good and bad service.

Mr Butler’s Birthday in Swiss


My ‘human’ birthday fell while I was serving my Mistress in Switzerland…a far less important occasion than my slave birthday…but little did I know Madame Catarina had prepared something special to mark the occasion…

There are two versions of this movie-one filmed partly by cameraman and partly by tripod and the other partly by cameraman and partly by Madame Catarina-almost a Mistress’ eye view of proceedings:

To the distant sound of a toilet flushing Madame Catarina walks into the kitchen in her night wear, morning coat and high heeled mules with a glass of very special champagne for her 24/7 slave, butler and property. It is his ‘human’ birthday and Madame Catarina has decided to prepare a special birthday treat. As it is a birthday Madame Catarina has decided to make a special birthday cake of stinky dog food. With the cake prepared, complete with candles and placed on the floor with the special champagne Madame Catarina rings the bell and her slave butler duly arrives.

The butler is ordered to drink the special champagne which he does so greedily whilst Madame Catarina films him. Madame Catarina then rubs her beautiful feet in the dog food and after spitting on her feet allows the butler to lick and suck her feet and toes clean. Again and again Madame Catarina plunges her feet into the stinky dog food and spit and films her butler greedily swallowing the mixture. After squeezing his balls Madame Catarina then allows him to remove his chastity device and orders him to wank over her feet before forcing him to lick the mixture of cum, dog food and his Mistresses’ spit from her divine feet which he does so greedily.

Obviously a birthday I will never forget…you can join in the party and watch the movie here and here.

Mr Butler in Trouble: From Cages and Trees


On this particular morning Madame ordered me to strip naked and attached my collar and leash and lead me out into the garden as she wished to amuse herself with her pathetic and eager property and slave in the warm Italian sunshine…

Madame Catarina has decided on some outdoor the garden of her holiday villa so leads her eager butler slave on all fours to the doggy cage she has prepared for him. Before putting him in the cage Madame Catarina inspects his butt and admires her handiwork from the caning she gave him the previous day. It is then time to treat her property to a delicious meal of spit and Madame Catarina begins by spitting in his doggy bowl and ordering him to lick it all up and swallow which he does so greedily. Madame Catarina decides this is too easy so plays a little game making her slave catch her spit in his mouth from inside the cage. It amuses Madame Catarina to watch her pathetic slave desperately try to catch her spit in his mouth. The slave is then allowed to clean his Mistresses boots through the bars of the cage whilst she smokes a cigarette. The butler is then used as a human ashtray delighting Madame Catarina as he desperately tries to catch his Mistresses ash in his hungry mouth as she moves the cigarette this way and that to make his task more difficult…Madame Catarina continues to delight in making her desperate slave scurry about his cage desperately trying to catch the ash and her spit in his eager mouth. Eventually Madame Catarina releases him from the cage and ordering him to kneel puts out her cigarette on his tongue before taking her riding crop to his bruised butt. He is then led to a tree for next instalment of Madame Catarina’s amusement. His hands are cuffed above his head and the riding crop is put to good use on his nipples and balls before Madame Catarina decides to remove his steel chastity device laughing at his hard and squeezed cock as she does so. Madame Catarina then decides to milk her property and begins by repeatedly beating it with her riding crop and then grasping it tightly in her hand, pulling hard until ruining the butler’s orgasm as his cum spurts onto the ground. But his cock is still hard so Madame Catarina milks him again in the same way ruining yet another orgasm before leaving her slave tied to the tree to dry in the sun.

Enjoy the Italian sunshine here

Mr Butler in Trouble: Stop Mumbling!


Whilst serving my Mistress and owner Madame Catarina on vacation in Italy Madame decided it was time for a punishment caning to correct my behaviour. Madame Catarina was fed up with my constant mumbling and my not speaking clearly so decided to cold cane my butt outside in the Italian sunshine…

So what happened next?


Madame Catarina decides to punish her stupid butler slave for his constant mumbling so he his dragged onto the balcony of Madame Catarina’s vacation home and made to kneel before his Mistress. The stupid slave is fitted with a medical mouth spreader gag in order to teach him how to open his mouth and then forced to take his pants down and bend over the railings to receive his punishment. Madame Catarina is very angry with him and decides on fifty strokes of the cane. The butler’s bare white butt is soon a mass of red marks as Madame Catarina expertly wields her dragon cane laughing at the butler’s pathetic cries of agony as he is made to count the strokes through the gag. With the fifty strokes completed Madame Catarina informs her butler she really meant fifty on each side of his butt. The horrified butler then stupidly tries to run away but in no time at all he is back in his place and Madame Catarina resumes the slave’s punishment beating his reddened butt relentlessly with her dragon cane. The pathetic slave begs for mercy and begins to grovel on his knees before his Mistress. Madame Catarina allows him to kiss her shoes as she carries out the punishment and then forces him to crawl between her legs as she continues the caning. The butler is then returned to the railings for the final strokes of the cane, his yelps of pain delighting Madame Catarina. With the punishment over Madame Catarina orders him to fetch a cool glass of sparkling wine she can enjoy in the Italian sunshine.

Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself here.

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3 Responses to Madame Catarina on Vacation

  1. Joao Alves IV says:

    Hahaha… I think you are the most lucky,Slavepj,in this vacation of our ALWAYS Divine Mistress… Great movies… And of course,our Goddess is simply WONDERFUL… She is AMAZING in all movies,PERFECT!!! And no forget the MAGNIFICENT outfits,She look SO sexy,sensual,feminine,adorable… And She think SO lovely cruelty for punish you,just because She want and can,congrat you are really lucky my friend… A big BRAVO for THE ONLY ONE Goddess and you for a ALWAYS EXTRAORDINARY work… And a BIG thanks to Madame Catarina for SO many moments of a real pleasure,She is a absolute Pro,The BEST! And you too for the contribution to make the life of our Sovereign more easy,because She deserve all of our devotion… Congrat one more time…

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