A Perfect Gift for a Perfect Lady


Imagine yourself kneeling. You wear a collar and leash and the tight leather hood presses against your skin. The hood obscures your vision slightly so you can only see directly in front of you, not to either side. But why would you want to look anywhere else? Before you a true Goddess stands and you are intoxicated by her beauty. Your eyes drink in the beautiful vision and your breath in the enticing aroma of perfume and leather.

You know she will hurt you, hurt you like you have never been hurt before. She will use you and degrade you and you will beg for more, more pain, more humiliation, more degradation.  You are led on all fours along the wooden corridor, your eyes focus on her sharp heels as you are led into her dungeon of sadistic delights.

Slowly you are bound tightly with leather straps to the cold wooden bench and you watch Madame Catarina’s beautiful and skilled fingers work the leather. You desperately want to feel her sharp crimson nails dig deep into you flesh, to immerse yourself in a world of agony and ecstasy that only she can create. As you lie helpless Madame Catarina smiles cruelly as she shows you the cylinder from her milking device before placing it firmly onto your throbbing cock telling you that you will give every drop of cum to your Mistress. She will drain every last drop of cum from your aching balls and you know you desperately want her to pump you dry. You here the thrumming motor of the milking machine and you cock is caught in the vice like grip of the rubber sheath as it pumps away and your bulging, throbbing cock, taking you to the edge time and time again. Madame Catarina smiles sadistically down at you as she reaches for her box of electrical magic tricks and soon the electricity is coursing across your nipples and deep into your balls and as you scream in agony madame Catarina laughs and the machine keeps pumping, pumping, pumping…

Madame Catarina’s Birthday. The 8th December

What will you give?



Other gift ideas here

Milking Movies

Dr Psycho and Her Milking Machine


Mr Butler in Trouble


Just imagine what Madame Catarina might do with her new toys 🙂


You may wish to checkout the links below to find out more about the divine Godess Madame Catarina and how to serve her

Madame Catarina’s movies are available to download at C4S





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Movies can be  watched in MCinema members area


Find Out More

You can find out more about how to serve Madame Catarina at the following  links:

Madame Catarina’s Website 


thumb (7)Galerie de Sade


Hidden Torture Farm

Madame Catarina’s Blog



Amazon Wishlist

You can also visit Madame Catarina’s twitter pages for the latest news


About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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