One Year a Slave


Well actually it is one year and ten days since I arrived in Berlin to take up my most honoured position as Madame Catarina’s 24/7 slave and butler. My owner marked the day itself by publicly giving me 12 very hard strokes of the cane at the recent prison event, one stroke for each month.

I know I probably deserved more but my Goddess had other slaves to cane, whip, milk, torture and use in various ways for her pleasure. I know my Mistress likes nothing better than a prison full of willing and helpless slaves desperate to worship her and suffer for her sadistic fun. I am really looking forward to the next jailhouse event in spring.

A lot has happened in those 12 months. I have learnt a lot, one of the main things that I have learnt is that I have a lot more to learn and lots of things to unlearn. But, more importantly I have learnt that I am truly blessed to be allowed to serve. To be owned and controlled by Madame Catarina, to be used by her, to worship at her feet is a rare privilege. I really am the most blessed slave in the universe.

I could write pages about the journey so far, but luckily for you dear reader I will not…for the moment. Instead I have listed below a few moments caught on camera and available at C4S.

I will post more shortly but my Blog platform really does not like too many links in one post!

Mr Butler in Trouble


Mr Butler in Trouble Two: Serving at the Bath


Cum Grazing from Riding Boots


Mr Butler in Trouble: Clearing the Score Board


Mr Butler Branding


You may wish to checkout the links below to find out more about the divine Godess Madame Catarina and how to serve her

Madame Catarina’s movies are available to download at C4S





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Movies can be  watched in MCinema members area


Find Out More

You can find out more about how to serve Madame Catarina at the following  links:

Madame Catarina’s Website 


thumb (7)Galerie de Sade


Hidden Torture Farm

Madame Catarina’s Blog



Amazon Wishlist

You can also visit Madame Catarina’s twitter pages for the latest news

About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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1 Response to One Year a Slave

  1. jack says:

    does madame catarina allow you and other slaves to worship her bear feet?
    she has most amazing feets and toes but we do not see them much on the video clips 😢😢

    i wish to have dominated session with her one day in future where she dominates my mouth with her beautiful feet

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