A Journey into the Slavery of Madame Catarina


This blog attempts to chart my journey into the slavery of Madame Catarina of Berlin.

I am guessing it will be a real mish mash of  posts with some attempts at cod pschology trying to understand my submissive nature, some descriptions and reflections on my early BDSM experiences and of course my entry into the ownership of the divine Madame Catarina and how she has transformed my life.

I hope the blog  really evolves as a journey mapping how Madame Catarina has liberated aspects of my persona through making me her property and  continues to lead me deeper into her slavery .

There will be photos, session reports some poetry and of course links.

There will be plenty of scope for interaction and sharing of experiences all conducted under the watchful gaze of my goddess and owner Madame Catarina



3 Responses to A Journey into the Slavery of Madame Catarina

  1. frank says:

    pj, my Mistress Ezada Sinn has been so kind to draw my attention to your blog. I have read about your slavish development with great interest and some fascination. The parallels to my own experiences are striking. If you´re interested, I sure would like to share some thoughts on that. So should you feel like it, send me a mail.

    All best


  2. P tucker says:

    U a the ultimate beautiful cruel Madame ever. My black heavy make up please,n strict uniform with tight skirt. Yours forever slave Paul.

  3. Attila says:

    I am interested to be spanking give me a call on 07570 795381 tonight thank you I don’t have a email

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