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The Dream Job-Part Three- Smoking Goddesses

I remember watching this series at the time of release and desperately wanting to kneel before this smoking Goddess and taste the ash on my tongue before greedily swallowing it down.

What could be more befitting a slave’s status than being used this way? Continue reading

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Bootlicker as Camera Man-Head Cam version: Chapter One

Madame Catarina is dressed in stunning leather and thigh length boots and has ordered you to entertain her this afternoon as she enjoys a cigarette and a glass of sparkling white wine. You lie helpless at her feet and she decides to fit you with a funnel and uses you as an ashtray Can you taste the ash as you swallow it, can you taste the mixture of her spit and saliva as she spits into your mouth. Can you feel the delicious pain as she crushes your cock beneath her heels and what do you feel when you gaze into her eyes as she begins to torture your nipples….
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Chapter Two- Human Furniture- The Table-Now Available

In Chapter Two  of this amazing new movie now available on C4S Madame Catarina is not quite satisfied that her new piece of human furniture is quite immobile enough so attaches his feet to a wooden block before testing how … Continue reading

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