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A Perfect Gift for a Perfect Lady

You here the thrumming motor of the milking machine and you cock is caught in the vice like grip of the rubber sheath as it pumps away and your bulging, throbbing cock, taking you to the edge time and time again. Madame Catarina smiles sadistically down at you as she reaches for her box of electrical magic tricks and soon the electricity is coursing across your nipples and deep into your balls and as you scream in agony madame Catarina laughs and the machine keeps pumping, pumping, pumping… Continue reading

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Dr Psycho and her Milking Machine Therapy-Chapter Six-The Finale

Chapter Six- The Finale: Once the spiked breast disc are strapped tightly in place Dr Psycho decides to have some cruel fun with her patient and attaches the electric cables to his nipples and balls. As the patients writhes and screams in agony Dr Psycho laughs as she turns the milking machine on again and it drains the cum from the patients cock and balls. Continue reading

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