Slave pj Training Diary: Day Eleven

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The following morning I awoke early as usual and made my way into Madame Catarina’s saloon. The scene that greeted me was a bit puzzling. Apart from a few discarded whips lying on the floor there appeared to be little evidence of a session having taken place. I thought this a bit strange but not that strange. I know that Madame Catarina can control her slaves with just a glance and a few words so the absence of any of the usual paraphernalia did not mean anything.  My mind started to wander on how Madame Catarina and Lady Caprice would have used the slave to cause so little disturbance to the saloon. It was then a little alarm bell went off in my head. Where was Madame Catarina’s outfit…surely she would have left it out for me to clean!

I thought I would check the other dungeon and the scene that greeted me was more in keeping with what I had witnessed on a previous visit. On an earlier occasion I had been allowed to clean up the dungeon after a Double Trouble session and on then as now it appeared that Madame Catarina and Lady Caprice had used almost every item in the dungeon on the slave. Only this time it looked like they had used everything.

I began slowly to collect the equipment together and sort into groups as I knew that Madame Catarina would want to personally supervise the cleaning of a lot of the items.  Kneeling on the dungeon floor sifting through the instruments of torture I could not help but imagine myself in the position of the slave the previous evening.

I imagined myself gagged and strapped tightly down on the wooden bench writhing in agony as I gazed into my Mistresses eyes. I half imagined and half remembered the exquisite blend of pain and pleasure Madame Catarina had inflicted on me previously and how she took genuine in pleasure in my fear, pain and total submission.

As I collected and cleaned the instruments I felt a slight tinge of fear temper my excitement as I had forgotten quite how sharp and nasty some of the devices could be. But this was short lived as by far a greater fear was that Madame Catarina would not use these devices on me at some point in the future.  I could feel with each passing hour her ownership of me increase and deepen and I knew that physically, mentally and spiritually I was her property.

Once the dungeon was cleaned and tidied and all the equipment cleaned to Madame Catarina’s exacting standards I was given my duties for the day.  Chief among these apart from the usual cleaning duties was the cooking of a special meal that evening. I was to select a recipe and submit it for Madame Catarina’s approval before going shopping for the ingredients.

Madame Catarina opted for a Lamb Rogan Josh and I was warned that it must be up to standard of her favourite Indian Restaurant. So armed with a list of herbs and spices in English and in German I braved the supermarkets and small Asian and Turkish shops of Berlin gathering the ingredients. I was thankful that Berlin is such a cosmopolitan city.

I was given free range of Madame Catarina’s kitchen and worked hard to prepare a meal fit for my Goddess.  When at last all was cooked and the table laid and wine poured I nervously presented the dish to my owner as she sat regally at the table. I knelt before her nervously awaiting judgement.  After what seemed an age Madame Catarina finally announced that it needed more salt but apart from that it was excellent. With these words I felt an overwhelming mixture of relief and joy. When Madame Catarina permitted me to eat from the bowl at her feet I knew I had found my role and place in life. There was nowhere I wanted to be more than kneeling at my owner’s feet…

Madame Catarina has posted some amazing photos of the recent Hidden Torture Farm event on her blog here and watch out for some more Hidden Torture Farm announcements very soon.

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