Locked into Chastity by Madame Catarina – The Shaved Balls


I must admit I had never considered my balls particularly hairy. There again I have not thought about them over much in any sense as hairy or bald, but when Madame Catarina mentioned they needed shaving I got on to it as best I could with the CB device still in place.

 On the plus side there was not too much blood from the inevitable nicks of the razor…on the minus there are a few stray hairs that refuse to go…tucking themselves away under the protection of the device every time the razor approaches. And on closer inspection I could see a few stray hairs on my cock as well.

But these will have to wait for my release…then I will get the little sods.

I must admit I do find my hair an issue. No sooner is it shaved then it rises its little black or increasingly grey head again. I can heartily recommend Veet for anyone who wishes to loose several layers of skin whilst leaving the pubic hair unscathed. It also provides great screaming practice for the next torture session!

So a dry shave over a sink with use of mirror it was and although not perfect at least I managed not to wet the tags and apart from a patch red raw and itching skin there are no ill effects. I must admit I  felt a bit like a contestant on an old Japanese quiz show.


When I return to Germany I will order proper tags and Madame Catarina has suggested these.


Hopefully these will only be for travelling as the padlock will be fitted when serving in person.

In truth the challenge of shaving my balls whilst wearing the device was a welcome distraction from the thoughts that have been building for the last 48 hours. The inside of my head feels like a Sardax drawing as visions of Madame Catarina crowd my every waking moment and of course my dreams as well.


Quite simply I am the slave and property of Madame Catarina, I am hers to do with what she pleases… and mere physical distance is no barrier to her control…..


From the 14th-16th August 2015 Madame Catarina will be holding a very special event at the hidden torture farm just south of Berlin. Over the three days and nights she will be joining forces with the amazing Lady Stella to provide a unique and immersive slave experience.

Details here

Application form here

Find out more about this project and Madame Catarina’s new movies please read her blog

If you genuinely wish to serve Madame Catarina in person please check out the details and links here . Genuine inquiries only!

Madame Catarina’s movies are available to download at C4S


And watched in MCinema members area and there are over 100 photo galleries


You can find out more about how to serve Madame Catarina at the following  links:

Madame Catarina Shop

VS_ShopOpeningMadame Catarina’s Website 


BDSM Double Trouble (with Lady Caprice)Screen_DT

thumb (7)Galerie de Sade


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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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