Madame Catarina-Leather Goddess: Chapter Three and Four of ‘Mr Butler in Trouble’



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Chapters Three and Four of ‘Mr Butler in Trouble’

With the toilet now cleaned to her satisfaction Madame Catarina leads her butler slave crawling on all fours into the dungeon. The slave is instructed to crawl onto the bench and Madame Catarina begins to restrain him with the tight leather belts. With the slave in the required position she decides to remove his chastity device and finds much to her amusement that his cock is bleeding from such a long time in chastity. With the butler slave now securely restrained Madame Catarina’s fun can really begin and soon her milking machine good is being put to use, but not on his cock but on his nipples…

‘Only six weeks in chastity since my last release, yet strapped down and helpless with the mechanical milking machine ceaselessly pumping away at my nipples and in the presence of the beautiful leather Goddess Madame Catarina my cock became erect…and unsurprisingly such behaviour was severely punished.’

Chapter FOUR: Madame Catarina’s slave milking machine continues to relentlessly pump at the butler slave’s nipples but it seems that something is wrong and on closer inspection Madame Catarina is disgusted to find such an amount of hair around the slave’s nipples. The nipples are soon shaved and the nipple pumps reattached but as he squirms in pain the slave becomes horny, so horny that Madame Catarina’s electro cock cage will not fit. Soon the riding crop is employed on his stiff cock and then electric shock treatment to his cock, balls and nipples to reduce the horniness. It amuses Madame as she removes nipple pump that her butler slave’s nipples are bleeding and then she takes great delight as he writhes in agony under her electro shock treatment until at last the electro cock cage can be fitted and her fun can really begin…

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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