First Steps into Madame Catarina’s Slavery


I had longed for this moment for many years. I can’t count the times that I had made the slow climb up these stairs in my dreams and fantasies.  In my dreams like now, I felt a mixture of exhilaration and fear as I moved closer to my destination. If anything my feelings were stronger now than in my dreams, I was short of breath, my throat was dry and in a mixture of panic and longing I made my way towards the door.

My heart raced as my finger hovered over the doorbell I knew that once I pressed that bell my life would change for ever. I had come too far to walk away now, so I pressed the bell and sure enough within moments my life was transformed for ever. 

The door opened and I entered as I had been instructed and as the door closed behind me I gazed in awe and wonder at the divine Madame Catarina. I have spent many years of fanatic virtual devotion collecting her images and movies, reading her blogs and buying her personal items, but none of this  had  prepared me for this moment. Let us just say that Madame Catarina is more beautiful than you can possibly imagine, her photos and images simply do not do her justice. She radiates power, sensuality and beauty.

I had promised myself I would kneel at her feet immediately but all I could do was to stand transfixed as I gazed helplessly at my goddess.  Wearing thigh high leather boots, stockings, leather skirt, corset and bolero jacket Madame Catarina took my breath away but it was her eyes that held me most of all , her beautiful, deep, commanding eyes and the trace of a cruel smile on her lips. I was utterly lost.

Gently she pushed me down onto my knees and turned my face upwards so I was gazing into her beautiful eyes. Madame Catarina told me with a cruel smile that I was now her slave and outlined what was expected of her slaves. Her words washed over me and poured into me, this is what I had been looking for all of my life, she was my goddess and I her slave. I have never experienced such intense feelings before, all my experiences with other mistresses up to that moment had been play acting in comparison.

It is difficult to explain the power of Madame Catarina, but to put it simply she owned me. In those few short moments from ringing her doorbell to now, my life had changed beyond recognition. I knew deep down that belonged to her; I wanted only to serve her, to be controlled and used by her, to give her my undying obedience and adoration. All the taboos and preferences which I thought I had were left outside the door…

 Madame Catarina instructed me to kneel on all fours as she began to walk slowly and elegantly across the hard wooden floor, the sound of her heels on the hard wood was the sweetest music I have ever heard and with each step she paused with her heel poised for the attention of my eager tongue. I crawled quickly on all fours behind my mistress ready with my greedy tongue to kiss and lick her heels. Each time she took a step she presented her shiny heels for cleaning by my slave tongue.  I longingly kissed my goddesses six inch heels savouring the metallic taste in my mouth. Madame altered her pace, first quickly and then more slowly making it difficult for me to reach the proffered heels in time. I desperately scurried along behind her my mind only on reaching her heels and showing them the respect she had commanded me to. As I struggled clumsily to keep up I heard for the first time the cruel, delicate laughter of Madame Catarina. I was enslaved.

In a few short minutes of being in Madame Catarina’s presence and still fully dressed  I had already experienced more intense feelings of slavery in all my sessions with other mistresses put together. Crawling on all fours licking Madame Catarina’s heels was my station in life. I had long fantasised about this but the reality was more beautiful than I can have imagined- I was as helpless now as if she had chained and bound me, in fact more so as she had quite effortlessly taken command of my soul.

Once we reached the heart of Madame Catarina’s’ chamber I was commanded to stand whilst Madame inspected her new toy. After a brief but intense inspection I was instructed to undress and place my clothes in a large trunk.

As the lid was slowly closed and I stood naked in the centre of the room my helplessness came home to me…and I welcomed it. I was here because I had admired and worshipped Madame Catarina from afar for many years fantasizing about being her devoted slave.  I knew with an absolute certainty that this was where I belonged and that I was totally in her power.

With my nipples and cock thoroughly inspected my balls tightly bound and cock lead and nipple clamps attached I knelt before my goddess as she fitted me with hood, collar and lead. Words cannot describe what I felt kneeling before my goddess like that in fact she removed the nipple clamps quite swiftly when it became apparent quite how excited I was becoming.

Madame Catarina reiterated my role as slave and talked of the harsh punishments for slaves who disappointed her. Having seen all of her movies I knew what this meant and what she was capable of. Strangely, this only excited me further-it made me more resolute not to disappoint her but I was also surprised to find that I was willing to undergo any punishment as long as it meant I would be allowed to continue to serve her.

Madame Catarina sat resplendent and powerful in her chair staring down at me with amusement in her eyes and gestured for me to light her cigarette. As I fumbled with her lighter nervously lighting her cigarette, remembering to take the light to the cigarette and not expecting my goddess to have to lean forward. For what seemed like an age Madame Catarina sat looking directly into my upturned face. She bore a look of amused disdain as her eyes bore deep into my soul, I have never seen a more beautiful or wondrous sight, she knew that she had enslaved me and was musing on how she would amuse herself with me. I knew this was not play acting, Madame Catarina knew she genuinely controlled me and was going to amuse herself with me.

She instructed me to open my mouth before slowly breathing smoke into my face and demanding that I breathe it in. I did so greedily feeling the smoke enter my lungs, grateful for the gift of her breath as it coursed through my body strengthening her power over me.  I was then instructed to open my mouth as she flicked ash into my open mouth and commanded me to ‘take it down’ which I did so lovingly swallowing the ash. Madame Catarina instructed me to open my mouth again, I was expecting more ash but instead she produced a ball of saliva and spat into my mouth telling me to swallow it.  I could feel her power and control enter me as I swallowed. I felt honoured as Madame Catarina explained that with her spit inside me I would feel her control both inside and out and that she could make do anything. This was the simple truth.



Madame Catarina commanded me to clean her boots with strict instructions on how this should be done and the penalties for not cleaning them correctly. My tongue set to work on her beautiful boots, sucking, kissing and licking frantically. My task was interrupted periodically when Madame pulled on my cock lead as an indication that my services as a human ashtray were required.  I do not know how long I was locked in this circle of bliss, cleaning my goddesses’ boots with my eager tongue and being summoned by a pull on my cock lead to be used as her ashtray. All this time Madame Catarina was telling me how to clean her boots and where I should put my tongue. She told me how dirty her boots became when walking through the park. Madame explained in great detail how she would step in all sorts of things if she knew there was a slave with an eager tongue to clean them when she got back to her chambers. I redoubled my efforts caressing the rich, black leather of her boots knowing that it would be an honour to lick shit from soles of Madame’s boots and the thought excited me.

When Madame tired of this game she removed her boots and allowed me the ultimate honour of kissing and licking her perfectly formed stockinged feet. My tongue gently caressed her toes through the stockings, savouring her rich perfume as my tongue wondered delicately across the soles of her feet to the heel.  My goddess occasionally ran her foot across my nipples and occasionally my cock .as I serviced her other foot with my tongue. This gentle caressing was punctuated with the judicious use of the riding crop upon my swollen balls as Madame Catarina forced her toes deeply into my mouth almost suffocating me.

Madame Catarina replaced her boots and ordered me to lie on my back with my arms by my sides. She began to circle my prostrate body and all I could hear was the glorious sound of her heels on hard wood. Her footsteps stopped and I could hear a cupboard opening. My mind began to wonder, what instrument of torture is Madame selecting to use on me and will I disappoint her if I can’t take it! Then suddenly Madame Catarina was standing legs astride my head and lowering her perfectly formed leather clad ass onto my face. Madame pulled at the cock lead and applied the riding crops to my balls whilst she urged me to lick her ass. She wanted to feel my tongue through the leather. My tongue worked the shiny leather as hard as I desperately kissed and licked for all I was worth but I could not lick hard enough for her to feel it through the leather. I could feel Madame Catarina’s boots and heel working on my cock together with the riding crop as she urged me to lick harder. I pushed my tongue as hard as I could into the leather but it was not enough and finally Madame Catarina decided that my tongue was only fit for bootlicking as she rested her full weight upon my face and I was engulfed in a facial cocoon of heavenly leather clad ass.

Once Madame Catarina had removed her delightful and wonderful ass from my face I was instructed to lie still and look up at the ceiling. Once again I could hear her heels on the hard wood and then her footsteps stopped and I could hear a cupboard opening. My mind began to wonder, what instrument of torture is Madame selecting to use on me and will I disappoint her if I can’t take it! Within minutes Madame Catarina had appeared wearing a large strap on. She sat down and gestured me to her and I responded hurriedly and within moments I was in my most favoured place, kneeling before my goddess. As I knelt before Madame Catarina gazing up into her beautiful dominant eyes she pointed down to her strap on and commanded me to suck it. I began hesitantly at first but before long and with words of encouragement from my goddess I was licking and kissing her mighty strap on taking it deep into my throat. All the time Madame was rubbing her heel against my cock and telling me what she liked to do with her strap on and her slaves.  I continued to suck, kiss and lick Madame’s strap on and wondered what it would be like to feel it inside me and what an honour it would be to be fucked by Madame Catarina but she had other things in mind for me.


Madame Catarina announced that she had a new role for me and that I was to get on all fours. I did so as Madame announced she had a new collar and hood for me. I lookedup to see Madame holding up a doggie hood. My heart leapt as she removed my hood and collar and replaced them with the doggie hood. I was in seventh heaven as Madame Catarina trained me with whips and heels in walking to heel, how to sit and how to beg. I have never felt such pure and unalloyed devotion before. I wanted to be trained by Madame Catarina, to become pet and slave. I craved pain, humiliation, degradation and debasement. I desperately wanted her to force me deeper into depravity so I could prove my devotion. I knew she set high standards for her slaves and I was determined to fulfil these.

Madame then produced a doggie bowl and placed it before me. I had no idea what she was going to fill it with, it could be dog food, piss even shit whatever it was I would gladly eat all up like a good doggie. Never before had I felt so liberated, my only desire was to serve Madame Catarina, nothing else mattered. I no longer existed as anything else but her slave, greedy to obey her every command. She spat into the bowl several times and placed it before me. I was desperate to taste her spit again to lick the bowl clean and have her saliva coursing through my body again.


I knew I had to wait for her command and as I waited I gazed up to see her smiling down on me. Her face was a picture of joy and amusement. It was obvious she was enjoying converting me into her slave and enjoyed the power she had over me. She ordered me to lick it up and swallow every last drop, which I did so greedily, licking the bowl clean of her glorious spit. No sooner had I finished I was led away to another room and locked in Madame’s cage and left alone.

I sat for some time in Madame Catarina’s cage like a good doggie. I looked out at Madame’s chamber and it felt like I had come home. I had seen all the movies so I was familiar with the layout. As time passed I wondered if Madame would leave me here, whether this would be my life from now on , would I ever see daylight again or would I be kept in the cage and only be allowed out to lick the shit from Madame Catarina’s boots  when she returned from walks in the park. Maybe Madame would take me out in the park for walkies. All I knew was that I had never been happier than being Madame Catarina’s doggie locked her in her cage. I was where I belonged.

 I don’t know how long I knelt in the cage drinking in my surroundings and savouring the moments of contentment before Madame Catarina returned carrying my lead. I sat up and begged like a good doggie as Madame attached my lead and walked be back through to the other room. Madame removed my doggie hood and collar a replaced them with another set. She instructed me to lie on my back and placed a board with a whole in across my cock so it peeped through like an excited worm. Madame Catarina sat on her high chair and began to work at my cock with the heels and soles of her boots. The pleasure was unbearable as again and again she continued to massage my cock with her heels. She told me that she expected me to cum only when she gave permission and continued relentlessly stroking and jabbing my cock with her heels. As my excitement mounted Madame placed the sole of one boot across my mouth allowing me the honour of licking her sole, then the heel as she trampled my puny cock beneath her other boot.  I kissed and licked and sucked in frenzy as Madame Catarina crushed my throbbing cock beneath her heel.

Madame Catarina removed her heel from my mouth and placed both heels on my engorged cock. Smiling down at me Madame commanded me to look into her eyes and cum. As I gazed at my goddess, my cock beneath her boots, I experienced the most powerful and beautiful orgasm I have ever experienced, gazing into Madame Catarina’s eyes my cock erupted spraying my cum across Madame’s boots, as I writhed in unfettered ecstasy  and joy groaning in pleasure like an animal.  Madame Catarina continued to squeeze every last drop of cum from my cock before presenting me with her cum covered boots and commanding me to clean them. I did so gratefully, savouring the taste of my salty cum as I licked it her from the soles of her boots. I continued to lick Madame Catarina’s boots clean long after my spent cock had subsided, working my tongue lovingly across the cum covered leather and teasing my mess from every groove and stich. My goddess repeatedly inspected her boots pointing out bits I had missed until when she was satisfied I had removed every spec she stood up. She looked down upon me and smiled her cruel smile she told me that I was good slave but that I needed harder and better training before walking away.  I lay there, hooded, collared and covered in cum, the last salty remnants on my tongue, listening to Goddess Catarina’s heels echo as she walked away and a promise of harder training to come, I had never been happier.


The man that entered Madame Catarina’s chambers that day never left. I may have physically walked down those stairs and back into vanilla life but there had been a very profound change in me. I now wear her collar imprinted on my soul. It is quite simple. I am owned by Madame Catarina as surely as a piece of furniture, like a chair or a footstool. Just as a toilet seat has no say in how it is used, neither do I. To Madame Catarina I am just another thing she owns, another thing for her to use when she feels like it. Slavery is being owned. I am owned by Madame Catarina.  I am her slave. When she commands I obey.

When I pressed that bell at the top of the stairs my life changed for ever.

I have no freewill

Madame Catarina has told me my next slave training will be much harder

I would not have it any other way.

About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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